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Not what I intended to write today, but it needs doin', so (25* this AM, for the record)......

Y'all know about my work situation. I've tried not to go into too much detail - it's not worth getting into trouble IF someone related to Ms boss were to find my journal. It's not been worth the hassle...however, what's going on now IS worth noting, especially with what's going on at home. :sigh: I have the feeling Ms boss is looking for an excuse - and believe me, I'm ready! - and Himself just handed her one. He got into a fight at school yesterday, and is expelled until next week (IF we can get his psychologist to write a note. :sigh:) Anyway...

Our holiday break was a welcome relief. No stress, just a chance to re-boot and get re-centered. We came back to work on the 3rd, and it was pleasant - Ms boss didn't come in until Friday, as she had family in town. My only contact with her was when I answered the phone (my "real" job - I was hired 19 years ago as receptionist and file clerk.) - and then, she was *very* curt, didn't want to chat - just a curt "Yes. Let me talk to C please." All-righty, then.

I have worked very, very hard to stay in my happy-place. When she pulls that on the phone, I smile (because smiles translate into your voice) and say "Certainly! Let me transfer you!". I go on with my job, humming "happy songs" to myself to keep my mood up. No sense in letting her get to me, y'know?

Last Friday, she came in - wait, let me back up a minute. Last summer, she changed our hours - we closed at 12 on Fridays. She told us then "Until the end of the year". So, we come in last week not sure if we're still off at noon on Friday, or not. So, she came in Friday, and didn't say *anything* about our hours. She also didn't say anything to me - which is normal. Every morning she comes up and knocks; I jump up and open the door with a cheery "Good Morning!" - and usually get no response. No biggie - again, it's not worth letting it get to me.

So, she's in the office, and we're working. She gets C to do personal stuff for her - and she's chatting to her, talking about the holiday, and what she's done, and hey - what did you do? (Understand, our office is 1 large room.) No biggie - I'm busy coding a 111-page check. I'm in my happy place, not letting this get to me. At 11:15 or so, one of our contract jobs called - she's got some stuff to bring us, she's not sure if she can get to us by noon, what to do? I tell her it's no big deal - "if you're not here by lunch, I'll wait and C can run out and pick something up." (Remember - 1 large room. You can hear every word I say on the phone without any trouble.) I hang up and relay to C what was said. C agrees - "Yeah, no big deal. *You* stay, and I'll grab lunch." (Got that? Good.)

M. gets there at 5 til. Gives us the work, chats a minute, then boogies out. Great! I get to go out for lunch now! C goes to Ms. boss's desk and says "I'll call these folks after lunch". Ms boss's reply? "What do you mean - after lunch?" C stutters a minute " know, after we get back from lunch?" and Ms. boss says "But - Today's FRIDAY." C recovers by saying "Doh! I forgot! Let me call them Right Now!". Again - we had no idea if we were still on last year's schedule or not.

OK....Monday I'm off because the school is closed due to snow. I offer to come in anyway - but I'll have to bring the kids (normal kids could be left alone. Mine...aren't NT, so that's a no-go.) C relays this to Ms. boss - hey, she's willing to come on in! - and gets told, with a sniff "The office is No Place for Children." and is then told to get her butt on in. (72 reported accidents. I'm just saying - there's nothing that pressing at work worth risking life and limb for.)

Tuesday I go in....and am ignored ALL DAY. (OH - and my elbow? Has never raised any questions. I'm still in the brace and sling....and she's never even asked me why.) No biggie - I'm in my happy place. Can't let it get to me. The only time she spoke to me was when she needed a new pen - and I felt that she was doing me a favor by asking me. C asked her if she wanted to go to lunch with us...she asked where we were going. We hadn't discussed it....I said "I don't care - cheap and warm is good!" since it was 26*. C. suggested the tea room downstairs - their food is hit or miss - and I said, well, that's OK with me. She called, it was pot roast (which is not their norm) and asked if I wanted to run down and look at it. I said "Why don't *you* go, because I may think it looks OK, but you won't. If you think it looks good, it probably is." (because it's been said that *I* am the one that dictates our dining. Not true..but...happy place. Stay in my happy place.) She ran down, it looked OK, and, again, asked Ms boss if she wanted to eat with us. :sniff: "No. *I* have food at home." All-righty then. (The pot roast was OK, but not spectacular.) Ms. boss came back after lunch, I opened the door with a cheery "There you go!" and got nothing - C got "So, how was it? Was it good? It looked good!". :sigh: The rest of the afternoon was more of the same. I should mention that the office got to 89* in the afternoon, and C. and I left with headaches.

Wednesday. we get there and it's comfortable - probably because the temp. outside was 22*. Maintenance came in, fiddled, and the temp inside dropped. I turned on my space heater - it didn't heat up the place, but it made it livable. C goes down the hall, and Ms boss comes in. I'm still working on the check, but when the door opened I said "Good Morning!" response. She walked around to her desk, and said "Well. It sure is HOT in here". "Oh!" I said. "Let me turn this off for you!" - Note: It was NOT hot in there by a long shot. Warm, maybe.

Totally ignored the rest of the day. She left for lunch and didn't come back.

I can't fully explain just how stressful this is - it's like she's trying to force me to quit. But.....yesterday Himself got into a fight at school and was suspended. C and I think this might be her excuse to - not fire me outright, that's not her style. I think she's going to do to me what she did to C - tell me I have to make a choice between this job or my family (No kidding - she pulled this on C when her husband was DYING. C had been off, at the hospital with him. She came in, he called *begging* her to come sit with him. She asked...and was told, in a very horrible tone "You need to make a decision - this job or your husband.") I fully expect her to confront me tomorrow......and I'm ready.

I mean, there IS no choice. Yes, I need a job - but my family is more important. I have time off, I'm getting my job done.....but hey, if that's her response, then I'm gone. Husband says it would be grounds for a lawsuit - but you know, I don't think it's worth it. Would we win? Probably.'s not worth it. Let her live with herself - I don't have to stoop to her level.

So - I've at least documented the last 2 weeks. Let me assure you - she's been a LOT worse. Normally, she starts off this way, then it degrades into sniping at me - "Your husband should take care of *you*. *I* don't have anyone to take care of *me*." or "I can't believe that - your kids aren't *that* bad"...which is silly, because she doesn't LIVE with my kids (and, again - I don't tell *everything*, and I do try to downplay things. I don't feel the need to spill everything to people who don't need to know. My kids aren't neuro-typical, I admit that, but I don't tell everything they do. It's not fair to them, and it's not necessary. Yes, both kids see a psychologist, and Herself sees a psychiatrist. I don't think I need to share much more than that.) We'll see how it goes....but I do expect her to blow up tomorrow, because I feel that she's looking for an excuse. :sigh: Fun stuff....

I'll spend the day cleaning...Himself will be given the nasty-er jobs. School needs to be a better option than staying home with Mom. :snicker:
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