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It's Friday....

and I'm here. For the moment. C told me that yesterday it was all "Oh, poor FiberAddict! I had NO idea things weren't going well! I can't believe it! I don't know how she does it!" and so on, ad infinitum. :rolls eyes: We'll see how today goes.

I'm tinkering with a new soap recipe. I kinda....trashed the old one and started completely over - not that I won't use the current one, but....I am looking for something specific, and need to play around to try and get it. I want it all - creamy, stable, fluffy lather in a hard, long-lasting bar (doesn't every soaper? :lol:) We'll see if I'm on the right track in 4 to 6 weeks....:grin: I'll be soaping it this weekend.

Himself is doing OK. Still sad about Spot, but resigned. We talked about Sunlight - when something happens to him, we'll either get 2 (he wants 3!) gerbils, or a hamster (or 2) or a guinea pig. He really wants a hedgehog, $125 for a nocturnal animal? Not even! (Sunlight and spot were brothers.....and are pushing 5 years. I don't know a gerbil's lifespan; PetSmart said 5 years. I hope they're wrong....)

Off at noon today - and both kids see the doc. Gonna be a busy afternoon!
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