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Previous Entry OK..... Jan. 16th, 2011 @ 11:49 am Next Entry
I'm still processing the doctor's visit on Friday. He spoke with Himself for a *long* time....and, the upshot is that he feels that Homeschooling IS the best option. (And he said "I *never* recommend homeschooling, but in this case, I do.") So......SG is freaking out about finances. The kids are so-so....Himself immediately started in with "It's my fault that we can't do X, or Y, or Z or...." and I had to step in - I mean, my job isn't going to be around much longer *anyway*. (And SG is fine with that thought, for some reason. It's just the sudden-ness, I think.....although being fired/laid off would be even MORE sudden.....)

I am scrambling around trying to figure out where to start. Himself wants to stay in school at least until Feb. 4 - his science class is doing a NASA project that he's just totally into. (This is good - it gives me at least 1 more pay-cycle to work with. 2, if I stay after the 1st, because I'd turn in my 2-weeks Feb. 1 and get paid the 15th.)

Texas is very liberal with Homeschooling. As long as I teach Reading (he's at a 12.3 reading level, so that's covered), Math, Grammar, and Good Citizenship (whatever THAT is), we're considered a private school and good to go. NO standardized tests, NO gov't oversight.....so, that's good. I just have to figure out What and How and how to do it on the cheap.

It's raining here, again. Gotta go stoke the fire and get back to google.
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From:Anna Marie
Date:January 17th, 2011 04:25 pm (UTC)


You already know I use AmbleSide Online... but their high school free curriculum (sister curriculum) is HEO - House of Education. Might be worth checking into.
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