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A conversation with my husband...


Previous Entry A conversation with my husband... Jan. 21st, 2011 @ 06:05 am Next Entry
in regards to....."fixing" our newest Fuzzy-butt (who I think almost has a name. I'm leaning towards "Vinnie" - short for "Vindaloo" - but we are still in the discussion stage. :lol:)

Since this is a subject that seems to affect males in strange ways, I'm gonna cut it (and the pun was NOT intended!)

So, we can't keep any more intact males - we have 4, and that's 1 too many. Vinnie is going to have to be castrated.....the question is, how? There are 3 ways to do the deed: knife, banding, Burdizzo.

1. Knife: Fast, and the only positive way to be sure you've succeeded. Small bleeding, slight chance of infection. You make a small cut at the bottom of the scrotum, then pop out the testicle. You tear the cord (some people "scrape" it with the blade) - cutting it causes more problems.

2. Banding: Easy for the average critter-keeper. Not too expensive; you need to buy the pliers and bands. No blood, but sometimes smells. Can take up to 6 weeks to "finish". You take the scrotum and put it inside a rubber band, and let the kid go. You have to be careful to not get the "plumbing" inside the band, as that can cause all sorts of problems. Some kids, it doesn't faze, some act like they are dying. Very, very slight chance of infection, and you do sometimes get a very nasty smell.

3. Burdizzo: This is a specialized tool that you use to crush the spermatic cord. Once on each side, and you're done. It's not as painful as knife or band, but you have to watch to make sure the testicles quit growing - if they grow, you have to do it again. VERY traumatic for the male human helping - this tool makes a very loud "crunch" sound when you apply it. The stress on the kid is minimal.....but the tool isn't cheap.

I guess I shouldn't have brought up the descriptions to my hubby when he asked (but - he ASKED. What was I supposed to do?) He vetoed the knife immediately - even though *I* would be the one performing the deed (he's the designated holder. It's only fair - he does the disbudding, so I can do this). Burdizzo was fine, until I mentioned the sound.....:heh: So, it looks like banding is the way we'll go....it's easy, it's relatively cheap, and it's the way most "homesteaders" use.

I've read that you can do the deed anytime after birth, but you want to do it before 3 months, as some bucklings figure things out pretty quickly. Some people wait until 2 months, to let the urinary tract mature....but....if this were a real problem, more bucks would get urinary calcli (or however you spell it) - current thinking is that it's dietary, and you should castrate shortly after birth. I dunno.....we're going to be disbudding tomorrow, so he gets a reprieve - I don't want to shock his system at both ends at the same time. :lol:

I've assisted vets in doing horses, but I've never done this myself. My vet prefers the knife (of course) - he used to use a Burdizzo at the same time, but he didn't on Finn. My problem is that I've never actually SEEN him do the deed - I've always been the designated holder and couldn't watch the procedure. I'd actually prefer to use the knife....but without actual knowledge, I think I'd better pass. Plus, I'd like to keep my husband....:giggle:

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Date:January 21st, 2011 10:15 pm (UTC)
I've castrated horses with razor blades and calves and rams with banding. Personally we had about the same amount of issues with both (I can remember one horse that got an infection and two calves, one with an infection and one that flipped out in the middle so the band didn't go on right and we had to apply another one) I personally preferred the elastrator because it was so much faster, but our tool was difficult to operate. You had to have a great deal of hand strength to open it and it tended to do this snap-jerk thing when it closed, so I would suggest that you try the tools out in a store before you buy one if you go that route. Then again ours had spent many years being kicked, dropped, banged around, etc. Another issue we had that you probably won't, one day the boss came out to do chores to find that a visiting child had not been well supervised and had banded his prize shepherd dog. That was an expensive neuter and docking.
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