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Quick Soaping tip....


Previous Entry Quick Soaping tip.... Jan. 21st, 2011 @ 04:57 pm Next Entry
Don't try to do a fancy top with a new-to-you recipe that's heavy in Palm Oil. Can you say Soap-on-a-stick?

Yeah.......I think I need to re-think this. :lol: (Seriously. I added the lye solution to my oils, hit it with the stick blender for *maybe* 10 seconds, poured a little out into my color, hit that for maybe 10 seconds, and had sludge. I looked back at the pot - and had uncolored sludge in it. :sigh: I did a quick, messy in-the-pot-swirl, glopped it into the mold, and did a messy, textured swirl on top. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow......)
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