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It's been a weekend!


Previous Entry It's been a weekend! Jan. 23rd, 2011 @ 08:33 am Next Entry
Let's see....made soap Friday. Heavy Palm Oil + fancy-smancy decorating does NOT a pretty soap make. It's interesting - I managed to salvage it by glopping and swirling the top, and it hardened up NICE. I had to de-mold and cut at 14 hours - and even then it was hard to cut. (I have pics. Uploading will occur...at some point. Not today, though)

SG and I ran to Wally-world.....y'know, I know better than to haul him along on a necessity run. I do...I should'a left him home. :giggle: See.....he's been wanting a guard-type dog for a while; Bailey is getting older (think Crochety Old Man, and you've got it), Bree isn't a guard-type (she'll protect people, but stuff? Rub her belly, please - the silver's over there), and Snips is....well, psychotic. He mentioned wanting a German Shepherd; I'd been looking on Craig's List, but prices are WAY too high.

Well.....a guy 2 towns over had a breeding-mishap with his 2 AKC Shepherds....and 6 puppies later was at Thrall-mart trying to get rid of them. He had 3 girls left.......at first, SG said NO. OK. We ran to Tractor Supply to get dog food.....and he started waffling. He finally said, "I'll cut you a deal. If *you* pay for the puppy, I'll pay for all this." (We had dog food, the bander and bands, some magazines....:heh:) He added a collar, new bed, and dog dish and we headed back across the street to talk puppy.

She's 8 weeks old, her name is MacKenzie ("Kenzie") and she's a laid-back snot. Bree doesn't know what to think - it's small, it smells like a dog, sort of, but it whines. Snips is ALL excited, because - hey! New Dog to Herd! One more her size!!!! Bailey is...well, he's Bailey. Doesn't notice her unless she gets in his face. (Again, there will be pictures.)

No, we didn't need another dog. I'm about to be unemployed, and the dog food we're feeding isn't cheap. (I think that'll have to change....he's going to look into Hill's Science Diet, since his company owns them and we can get it for like $20/bag) But....he's been wanting a GS for....well, since we got Bree. Bailey's getting up there (he's..7 or 8 now. I hope he lives long, but - he's a Large Breed, and they're not known for long life). We're still at the puppy stage with Bree, so now is a good time to add another one - get it all over at once.

It was a LONG night. Kenzie whined......Himself slept on the couch with her (sorta); she pee'd on everything :sigh: and couldn't settle. At 1:00 AM, the coyotes came up - they were just on the other side of the fence by our bedroom. SG got up to check things...I stayed on Puppy Patrol and fed her. I foresee a nap today......

I made another batch of soap yesterday when we got home. Usual recipe, but added Oatmeal. Used the green mold from WSP - it holds LESS than 30 oz of oil. I grabbed one of my M&P molds (a silicone sheep) and the "leftover" soap filled it to perfection. I need to either re-figure my recipe to fit the green mold (it's going to be a test batch mold) OR pick up some more cheap "fancy" molds for the overage. SG is leaning towards new molds...I'll let HIM buy them. :lol:

We also disbudded Vinnie yesterday. Didn't even phase him - pulled him out of the box and he went bouncing back to LaDue. You'd never know we zapped his head - the black "cap" hides the marks. We got smart this time - I brought out the cordless clippers and clipped around the buds before we began. Made it MUCH easier to do, and a little less smell (less hair to burn). I think I'll add the clippers to the disbudding box....

We'll band him in the next week or so - I didn't think it would be nice to do both things at once.

LaDue is getting into the milking-thing. I got....maybe an ounce this AM. No, it's not a lot - but considering we didn't milk her last year, and she's dam-raising Vinnie, it's good. We're going to slowly work on it - she won't even get on the stand yet. I dried off Rosa and am getting Inara into the swing - I'm feeding her in the milkroom now. We'll work on getting on the stand - she's not due until mid-March, so we have time. I'd like her used to the routine BEFORE kidding, so I don't have to fight to get her in the milk room (had I know about Dewey, I'd have done the same for her.)

Gotta go rustle up breakfast, and plan for a nap. I'm tired!
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From:Anna Marie
Date:January 23rd, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)


Our Ellie is a shepherd/boxer mix... she is FANTASTIC. Except when her puppy paws are cold and she howls to get in the house. She's not an indoor dog, but we've been bringing her in, because it's 2 degrees, hello, so now she thinks she DESERVES indoors. *Sigh!*

I thought you had a great Pyr? My bad? LOVE the way those things look, but oi-my-vey the dog food... and doo...!
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Date:January 23rd, 2011 04:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Dawgs

Yeah - Bailey's a Pyr, but he didn't get the protective gene - he's a couch potato. Except when a leaf falls, then he'll bark. Or a cow moves...or a goat...or the leaf *doesn't* fall...:lol: He's not so good at actually *guarding* anything. I love him to death, but......

And actually, the dog food isn't too bad - he (and Bree) have low metabolisms, so they don't eat as much as you'd think. On the higher-end food, the poops aren't bad, either - but the price! Blue Buffalo is $49/30 lb bag - we go thru about 70 pounds of dog food/month with the 3. I switched to TSC's "Taste of the Wild", which is slightly cheaper...but with 4 dogs and the upcoming decrease in income we're going to have to make some changes. I like it, because there's no fillers - it's all digestable, usable food....unlike Pedigree et al. :sigh:
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:January 23rd, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
My dog is an old old man. Boxer/rottie - We keep thinking he is gonna croak, but he keeps going.
We have the other two boxers but they are dingbats. I just never kindled a love for them. I wish I could have a dog that would be in the yard and not try to kill everything - and not run away. I imagine such a mythical beast lives with the unicorns and snuffleupaguses somewhere in outer mongolia. And they probaly cost $4000 bucks a pop.
But puppies are so cute..hard to resist. How is snips doing with obedience?
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Date:January 23rd, 2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
Snips is actually doing OK. Except that she figured out that she can do "puppy things" - ie, eat shoes - and Bree will get the blame (I caught Snips red-pawed with a pair of barn shoes).

Kenzie just figured out the pet door -hope it means no more puppy puddles! :fingers crossed: Bree got it in about an hour - but she was older. So was Snips....I haven't had a baby puppy in a LONG time. :sigh: Lots of chewing gonna happen around here.....at least she's cute!
(spin a yarn)
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