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In lieu of content, I give you pictures:


Previous Entry In lieu of content, I give you pictures: Jan. 24th, 2011 @ 06:12 am Next Entry
Because I got nothing. Lack of sleep + whiney puppy = fuzzy brain.

Let's see......let's start with whiney puppy:

She and Bree have made a truce.....as long as Kenzie shares her food.

Soap heavy with Palm Oil:

Can you see the textured top? It was supposed to be smooth, with shamrocks. Ah, well...

Here it is, cut into bars. It's nice, smells fantastic....but I know better for next time.

My new soap cutter. I'll cut 6 bars at a time, which is a great time-saver, and helps spare my wrist.

Here it is open so you can see the cutting wires. It works great!


His face, before we disbudded him.

And, a shot of his tail/rump, showing the curly-curls. He's just soo cute!

I have a vampire-puppy launching herself at my feet, and 2 kids to hustle out of bed. Fun times!
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