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Round and round we go....

SG is now officially freaking out, because Monday is the 31st, and I told the doc last night that I was giving notice on the 31st. Yes, he and I discussed this - in fact, he told me to "quit anytime I wanted". And yet, now that it's almost here, he's freaking the hell out and driving me insane. (Short trip, I know). :sigh:

I did the household bills this AM - the kids SSI came in. It's enough to pay ALL the bills, with $200 left over. Not much...but it's better than nothing. (They get it on their dad - and I *know* it's at risk. But...SS is such a "sacred cow" among politicians that I simply can't worry about it. Not right now.) Once the fence is paid off, I'll have $320/month. That has to cover groceries/kids clothes/etc. No big deal - I can budget, and I can sale-shop, and we have a fantastic thrift store in town. I'm not worried about money....I'm worried about Ms boss freaking out. :sigh:

I asked him this morning if he trusted God....he said "Well, yes, but He's not doing this!" :bangs head: Little faith.....nothing I can do about that - he's going to have to learn to really Trust on his own. Me? I'm OK. Things will be fine - tight financially, maybe, but fine.

In other news, Kenzie is driving me nuts. I *know* she's only 8.5 weeks old, and that's young. I KNOW I was lucky that Bree and Snips were older, and figured out the pet door on thier own. It's just......puddles. We should have named her Piddles or Puddleduck....because she leaves LOTS of puddles around. At least we don't have carpet! :weak grin:
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