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Thursday blah.....

37* this AM. Beats the 21* of yesterday AM! The goats are still chucking along - I need to pull blood on Annie and Inara - I know Inara's bred, but need to check her CAE status; Annie I'm not sure is bred. Kinda need to know these I guess I need to figure out the whole blood-draw thang.

Vinnie's doing well - bouncing all over the place. I think we need to re-do his head.....1 side looks suspicious. Don't want scurs.......:blech:

Got the last of my new soaping stuff yesterday - some embedd molds and new sniffies. I have some ideas for both....:heh: Himself is excited about the embedds....we'll see what we come up with. Yes, I see soaping in my weekend plans!

Not a whole lot else going on right now. :shrug: Kenzie's in the crate - I'm tired of puddles. She did well last night - we took out this AM and I thought she'd NEVER stop with the puddle-making. :lol: The kids'll let her out when they get home.....I want her housebroken STAT. :nods:
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