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Let it Snow....

because that would mean it was *warm*. Current temp is 15*, with a windchill of -1*. :brrrrrrr: The DFW Metroplex is completely shut-down; the roads are all nasty and shut down from wrecks, the airports are working on a limited capacity (the 2 Dallas airports were closed yesterday)'s icky. Schools are out, and Ms boss called last night to cancel today. SG made the executive decision to stay home again - the roads are just that bad. Herself has a Dr.'s appt today - I have a feeling they'll be closed.

Haven't been out to see the goats yet. Not looking forward to the cold, but will soon.

We managed to slog to the PO yesterday, and got the samples packaged and "mailed". Not sure the box actually *left*, but my part is done.

Trying to get the woodstove to fire back up - we banked it last night, and still have live coals, but it just won't catch. :brrrrrr:

Y'all Northerners can laugh all you want - but this ain't NORMAL!!!!! We get occasional snow, some ice..but this is ODD. The last time we had 2 consecutive days in the teens was.....'01, I think - but we didn't have the ice over snow over ice with it. We've had SO many jack-knifed 18-wheelers it's just not funny. I'm watching the news now - every freeway has wrecks, cars are scattered all over, stuck in the's just.....not normal. I actually miss August temps right now!
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