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Still Cold...

and still home. Kids go in at 10. Current temp is 17*, with a windchill of -1 again. Supposed to snow again tonight (although we got no snow last time). High today is supposed to be 25*; tomorrow 32*. We'll see...

I have soap photos I want to post, but.....I've been working on the hat that's due at Irish Fest. Acrylic, 2 colors....BORING and ICK. I don't mind the colors so much - black and red - but the Red Heart yarn is icky feeling and tearing up my hands. I'm almost to the point of crown decreases, so I need to keep plugging away. Then earflaps...but those go quick. Acrylic has it's place - and that place is NOT in winter-wear, it's not warm enough. Wool wins, hands-down.

I have a shawl that's 90% done (also due at Irish Fest) and a pair of mittens due early March. The mittens will go fast (Morehouse Farms "Owl" kit - lovely, cute, and worsted weight. Fast!) - the shawl is just boring, mindless, back and forth knitting. :sigh:

I'm on the couch, with a puppy on my legs (next to the laptop), another puppy on the floor in front of the stove, and Snips on the sofa next to Herself. Bailey, the brainless-wonder, is outside. Shivering. Refusing to come inside. :sigh:

Looks like we'll be home all week.....while I appreciate it, I'm wondering why? I still gotta talk to my boss....being home isn't helping *that*. :sigh:
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