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So. I'm home, I've made a batch of Oatmeal Cream/Milk soap, I don't have time to take a nap, I don't want to clean or work on that stupid hat....so guess I'll upload pictures! :lol: It's currently 23* outside; the goats are actually *outside*, as are the hens. Weird......

This batch is a departure of my normal, plain soap. I wanted to try embedding something in the soap loaf that would show up when I cut the bars. Wasn't sure *what* I wanted to do, until I got my order from DayStar scents in - the freebie was a Lush dupe called "Space Whirligigs". Huh. I have 2 space-crazy kids....and the scent is sort of a spicy bubble-gum type of scent.....so......Ah! Space soap!! I found some silicone star molds (cheap - I think these were $2 or so each)...and I was ready to go.

First up, I made a batch of soap - my usual 32 oz of oils. Did a 3 color in-the-pot-swirl, and poured into the star molds.

I have 2 star molds, and I knew that my batch was too large, so I filled one of my green WSP molds, and did a quick swirl on top:

Close up of top:

And here it is cut:

LOVE how the swirls came out! Too bad the stars are too small to see the detail....ah, well - live and learn.

Anyway, I had to stick the star molds in the freezer so I could unmold the soap - the stars are so thin they wanted to crack instead of unmold. While they were coming back to room temp, I made another batch of soap, scented with Space Whirligigs again, but this time in uncolored with a black swirl - the idea was to sort of look like a galaxy. I poured a bit into the bottom of the mold, then plunked the stars in - only when I poured the rest of the soap into the mold, the stars moved. :sigh: I plunked the "leftover" stars into the top, and left it to gel:

When I cut it, I was pleasantly surprised to see *some* of the bars looked like what I intended:

They smell *fantastic*, and both kids were impressed. :lol: There was enough of the base soap left to fill 3 of my sheepie molds - or about 9 oz or so of leftover batter. I don't know if I want to refigure the recipe, or not - I have the sheep molds (and the stars!) and can just use them for the overflow. :thinking: Refiguring will require a LOT of precision in measuring, and I'm not sure my postal scale will be *that* precise - I don't mind using sheepie-shaped soaps. :grin:

Next time, I'll make 2 or 3 sets of stars (over a couple of soaping sessions), and not be so concerned with fancy swirls in them. The bulk of the log will be black with an uncolored swirl (so that the "galaxy" will be less pronounced). I'll try to set the stars in so that each bar has 2 "perfect" (HA!) stars in it, and I'll try to have enough "left over" to top each bar.

These are fun to do, and look cool, but......they're not really worth doing to sell. Too much work, and you can't really charge more for them. (At least, not in the group of folks that have been grabbing my bars. They prefer (or seem to) plain-jane bars. :shrug:) For home use/gifting, though - these are great! I've got a lot of ideas percolating....:hehe:

The batch today was Oatmeal - I bought the Soap Silly version of "Oatmeal, Milk & Honey". It smells....clean. Sort of like baby powder, but not really - Clean is the best way to describe it. It's a yummy scent, but it's not foody......the test batch I did of the same thing smells WONDERFUL, and I can't wait to use the soap. This larger batch is ALL MINE :hahahahahahahaha: Well...not really. I'll share...but I don't want to! :grin:

Guess I've put off the hat long enough......best get to knitting. :sigh:

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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:February 4th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
the galaxies look neat-o!
Still waiting to make soap.
I have a friend who "borrowed" some frozen milk in exchange for soap making supervision - then another friend who wants to make soap at the next goat meeting (she took at class at last years convention)so I figure I still have a bit of time.
(spin a yarn)
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