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For lack of anything of substance to report....

Here, for your viewing pleasure - some pictures. (Well, the fact that I have nothing new to write about might have something to do with this!)(Except maybe the warping reel I just won off of Ebay, but that's not a huge, earthshattering thing)

Here is a shot of my dye project yesterday. I like the shade of blue - it's not quite what I had in mind, but it's close. Very close.

Blue Shetland Yarn Blue Shetland Yarn

And, just because - here is a shot of the Zoey-monster. Herself took it yesterday afternoon - I was attempting to take a short nap...but I guess I looked like a pillow or something. Silly dawg!

Couch potato Couch potato

Much hilarity ensued during the photo shoot. Apparantly, camera flashes resemble bugs, and must be snapped out of the air and eaten....even if the human is underneath you. It's also perfectly acceptable to pound the "pillow" into a more comfortable configuration with your paw - just ignore the squaks and squeels of said pillow.

Oh, and it took Himself opening the front door to get her off of me....guess I'm a comfy pillow.
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