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Weekends go by too fast

Let's see.....Snow melted yesterday, leaving a wet, muddy, soggy MESS all over. It didn't freeze last night, for a change, so the roads aren't bad. Our water heater froze Friday evening, and didn't thaw until yesterday around 4....but the water pipes un-froze around 2, so I was able to make sure all the critters had fresh, clean (and flowing!) water.

Picked up a heat lamp from TSC - arguably for the water heater, but actually for raising chicks this Spring. (I knew if I just waited, SG would come around. :hehe:)

Got the CAE tests back - both Annie and Inara are NEGATIVE! :huzzah: Annie's titer was 9; Inara's was 12. 30 is marginal; 40+ is Positive. Why is this a big deal? CAE is sort of the goat AIDS, and it's passed via milk. Positive goats generally don't live long - their knees swell and they can't get up or down, and they usually freshen with hard, congested udders. There's been no proof of humans getting sick from CAE+ milk....but really, do you want to take that chance? And do you want to risk losing valuable animals early? We don't....I should have tested earlier, but didn't have the tubes - and really don't like the thought of stabbing my goat in the jugular vein. Still....once the other tubes come in we'll be pulling blood on everybody - just to have the records on hand. I *know* all the Cashmeres are Negative, as is Mocha. Rosa was tested in 2009 (as was her entire herd), so I'm not too worried about her and Dulce) - but I'd like to have the paper, y'know? $7.50 is a small price to pay - and it's easier to sell kids when you have Negative paperwork.

Inara came from a farm that has CAE+ animals. I felt pretty good about his procedure, but still - accidents happen. All it would have taken was 1 bit of positive milk to hit the lambbar, and the whole crop would have been ruined. He was pretty adamant about his practices - and I felt good....but I still needed to *know*.

There's some sort of football game or something going on in Dallas today....and all the talk is about the "Super Snow!" that hit. :snerk: Wasn't SUPER - it was only 6". Last year we got 11"+.....but this sells good. :sigh: I'm off to finish that blasted hat - 1.5 earflaps to go and I'm done. Thankfully!
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