Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Well, that was fun....

NOT. We went out last night with the intention of drawing blood on 5 does - all the dairy girls. I had the vaccutainers ready, and had Himself assigned to milk so SG and I could play vampire.

It was a MAJOR FAIL. SG could NOT find the damn vein, no matter what. The milkroom looked like a crime scene - splatterings of blood everywhere, dirty needles, blood-covered paper towels...but no blood in the tubes. I felt sorry for the 3 girls we tried...We have a call in for the vet to come out :sigh: and give us a real lesson. Guess the first 2 were flukes......(yes, we shaved the necks, and I held the head up and to the side. The main problem is that I simply can't control them if they start moving - my left arm...well, I need to see a doctor. Constant pain in the elbow now, and my left hand has been numb and swollen for 2 days. Fun!)

I just didn't want to spend the money...but don't see a choice - I *need* those does tested! I need to know who's bred and who's open.....NOW. :big sigh:

Got the kids returns done, and ready to mail. Got our return done, but need a little more info to get it in file-able shape. Hopefully I can e-file it this weekend.......

Looks like I'm back to part-time now. :rolls eyes: Financial Advisor *wants* me to do his work, and he is very generous with what he would offer, money-wise. We'll see if Ms boss takes his advice....I kinda doubt it.

Tomorrow we hit the bookstores for text books. I'm ready - Himself is starting to get excited. 10 days.......
Tags: blather, goats, work

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