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Quick Update

The vet is gonna charge us $45 to come to the farm, and $10/goat for the blood draw. :gulp: Still, we *gotta* get this done, and I figure this as education charges. (Still, though - $10 EACH???? I have the blood tubes....wonder if he'll cut us a discount for that?)

Also - if you need to get med supplies (syringes/needles/gloves/blood tubes/etc), the CHEAPEST place I've found is Med Vet. Seriously, blood draw tubes were 100 for $25 (with shipping!).....I just placed an order with them. $88 got me 24 generic Vet Wraps, *200* 3 cc syringes (1 box was free), 100 5cc syringes, 100 20 gauge needles, 1 sharps container, 2 boxes of nitril gloves (1 L, 1 M) and 2 XL Classic Kongs (what??? I have 2 HUGE dogs that LOVE Kongs, and PetSmart wants $19.99 EACH. I got 2 for $19.16...) These guys ship fast, and the quality seems high - the vaccutainer tubes I got are identical to the ones the vet downstairs gave me. And...the website prices are lower than their eBay prices....:heh:

They carry just about everything - suture kits (on my list for later), scrubs, even some RX meds - I don't know how competitive the prices are there, because I let my vet order those for me. Everything else, though is WELL below what I've been paying locally. I *highly* recommend them if you need to stock up on supplies - kidding season is just around the corner! (The pet supplies are also competitivly priced - if you need dog stuff, check them out. I'll go back later and get more dog toys)
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