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Previous Entry No sleep.... Feb. 20th, 2011 @ 08:24 am Next Entry
I guess it's pain, because not much else is going on right now - we're in a waiting period. Fun stuff...

Yesterday, we went out to pick up some Math books. I have a lot of stuff bookmarked online, but - since we are pulling him out mid-year - I decided it would be best to have *something* in print, just in case the school wants to play nasty. (Yes, I've lawyered up - HSLDA isn't that expensive, and seems worth the money - but still, don't want to use them if I don't have to.)

We hit Half-Price Books first......and the "local" one has a pretty good section specifically for Homeschooling. I must have spent a good hour there......got some books in a series called "Creation ________" I got Science, Astronomy, and Anatomy. They're chrischun, but they're for K-12, they work Art/Music/whatever into each section (which is cool), and seem to be - on a quick browse, anyway - pretty good. They were $9.98 each, so not too much wasted funds if they are crap - and I can use the crap as a jumping-off point. I also stocked up on Asimov (for free-reading - Himself is already DONE with his age-level stuff) and "real" Astronomy books (Hawkin's "Brief History of Time", anyone? :lol:)

We then hit Borders, which is going out of business. 20% off of everything, + 10% if you're a member (and some things were 30% - 40% off to start!). I...um....OK, I'm a book junkie; adding the word "Sale" to "Book" makes me go a little crazy. We now have 4 Science Experiment sets, a skeleton model for Anatomy lessons, a scale model of Stonehenge....and, of course, more books. 1 of which is "What your kid should know by the end of 6th grade", just because, and some good Math books. Let's not discuss the hit to my wallet - I will defend myself by saying that we are set for this year and next, and I won't be able to run free in a bookstore ever again. Or at least, not like this.

After lunch, we hit Mardel's......yes, it's chrischun, but they have a HUGE HS section. :sigh: I scored the 2-volume set on History of the World, with the Teacher's Guide AND Test guide, some new microscope slides...I think that was it. It's all a blur - I think I hit book overload, which doesn't happen often. :lol:

I still need to find Grammar books, but I'm going to look for .pdfs online - which leads to a question I've been mulling over.

OK...so I'm on an email list for freebies - won't name it, since I don't want an active link here due to the nature of my discussion - they mostly have links to free .pdf files. Usually, it's aimed at much younger kids, but I've gotten a lot of good resources over the years. All free.

Every once in a while, they'll send me an email where they're selling CD collections of stuff they've gathered together. I usually delete them - before now, I wasn't going to HS, so didn't really *need* CDs laying around - but last week I decided to check out the "deal". Ummm....

1 CD = normally *$50* - full of the resources that a) they got free; b) they've offered for free before; and c) that are still available ON THE WEB for free.

I went thru and wrote down the resources on both CDs, to see if it'd be worth the $$......then I saw some that I had downloaded. Huh. I then went to Google with my list - and all 12 items I had marked were there, still free to download. Granted, I had to do the search, but....

I feel like they are doing something..not necessarily wrong, but.....immoral, by selling CDs of free stuff at such a huge profit. Is it just me? I mean, yeah - they went thru and put it all together - but the CDs aren't organized; I mean, this particular set has a little bit of this'n'that on it - it's not like they spent the time to put together a "Science" CD, or an "Art" CD or anything like that. This collection has a bunch of various holiday stuff, some reading, some Art, some crafts, some - well, everything.

It just.....gave me a bad feeling. I mean - normally $50? For free stuff? CDs aren't that expensive, and it doesn't take that long to burn one - so you're talking massive profit here. Yeah, they *did* go thru and find the stuff.....but, honestly? Anyone with a search engine can find the same stuff, if they think about doing it.

I'm going to stay on the list for now, because I don't know what I don't know. Thanks to their CD collection, I found a bunch of OOP Chemistry, Astronomy, and Rocketry texts that now reside on my Mac - and I wouldn't have thought to go looking for them. But...I have a bad taste in my mouth about them now.....is it just me? Am I being too...high-and-moral? I do sometimes get that way.........I don't think I am in this case, but wanted some outside views, too.

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Date:February 20th, 2011 02:59 pm (UTC)


Everyone on my FB says I should charge for the lapbooks I put together, because it takes me two hours to research, format, and assemble everything I do. I... can't do it. Because I got all the stuff for free. And I know that Homeschoolers just can't afford that stuff. And I know how much *I* would appreciate it if someone who 'went before me' actually saved and offered up the stuff so I didn't have to do the work. Isn't that kindness? ((Well, it is to me!))

I think it's stealing and robbery. Other people say, "Well, think of it this way - anyone can gather straw and weave a basket, but you buy them at the store, paying for someone else's work. They're not STEALING in taking money for their time and effort." But I think they are - because the mark-ups are unbelievable on that stuff in the store.

S'why I buy baskets for a dime at Goodwill, thanks. *wink!* I'm just the Goodwill of homeschooling, I guess. But a LOT of people *DO* sell their assembled items... on Currclick... for mere dollars, sometimes fifty cents a document. I've tried them - they weren't well done. I guess my standards are just too high? Dunno.
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Date:February 20th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)

Re: racket

The difference between buying a finished basket and buying one of these CDs is that - I don't know HOW to make a basket. Could I learn? Yes - and I even have the books! But.....my time is also valuable, and I'd rather spend my "basket-making" time in doing something I already know how to do. (Plus, most baskets don't have *that* much mark-up. $50 for a CD full of free stuff? The blank CD is about $0.10, if you buy in bulk, and the time investment is minimal, since you simply drag everything to your "make CD" folder, tell it to burn, and walk off and do something else. That's....a good $49 in PROFIT. I bought some baskets a few years ago from a guy that sells Amish-made baskets. I think my egg basket was $15......she used heavy reeds for the weaving, and it's done in a fancy pattern. To me, that wasn't outrageous - there's at least 2 hours of work in it, which means she only made $7.50/hour. The same basket is sold in 1 chicken catalog for $35....)

I mean - you'll notice I bought most of my stuff at Half Price (which is a misnomer - most of the stuff was LESS than Half Price, but I digress). I can't afford to buy full-price, even when I *am* working full-time. If we had a decent Goodwill here, I'd shop there - but we don't. We have a Thrift store where I get a lot of clothes from - $0.50 for an almost new pair of women's blue jeans? I'm ALL over that!

Free is good - I hit google books and found free copies of Harvey's Grammar books (which were recommended to me). Amazon has the print copies for...about $8/each. Ditto the Chemistry book I found....(look for "The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments" - it was banned in the 60's. It's GOOD - we've already got a lot of the experiments marked to try. :lol:)

And your lapbooks? Yeah, you should charge - even if *I* don't use them (I've got a kid that's just not into manipulative-type stuff), they're very well done. I do understand why you don't.....and it's why I don't mind sending stuff I find to you. :wink:
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:February 20th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
Here is the deal - those folks are making money off of someone - someone who is naive maybe, or maybe lazy, or maybe just starting out and is not very Google savvy.
I have paid money for a couple of things there - only when they are on some crazy introductory sale - so $4 or $7 instead of $30. And even then after seeing what I got - I felt a little taken. However a fool and their money are soon parted - I was a fool donating the money part a couple of times and I am sure they are doing well with their business.
Don't you feel that way now when you see expensive goat milk soap? Like "Ha!" I could make that! It is so cheap and easy!"
I feel guilty charging people for easy stuff, I would rather just do the nicer thing and share stuff for free.
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Date:February 20th, 2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
If they're not creating the content themselves, then they have no right to sell it. If they are creating the content themselves, then they can sell it--you are, of course, under no obligation to give them any money for it if you feel that they aren't asking a fair price (and it doesn't sound like they are).
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From:Anna Marie
Date:February 22nd, 2011 01:31 pm (UTC)

Little Passports

Having an internal battle right now...

Yesterday I found a site called 'Little Passports'. It's an around-the-world culture/nations study put together by two mothers. It's 10.95/mo, and they donate a (not specified) portion to charity, and then you get a package from two fictional children who are globetrotting, who send pictures, trinkets, games, fact sheets, etc. to you.

I can't put something like this together, myself. But $10/mo... that's STEEP, IMHO. BUT... it looks good. Really good. Fun and informative. I don't know what to do. My gut says "Put one together, yourself!" But...
Date:February 22nd, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)

Re: Little Passports

I went and looked at it - too bad Himself's too old! :lol: Seriously..it looks....lite. The letter was....OK, but not that informative. The worksheet looked pretty good, but I'd have to see the one that went WITH the letter to see how they worked together.

The cool thing is the box in the mail thing. Kids LOVE to get mail! But.....it might be worth the $10/month for a bit to see if it's worth it for your kids. 1 less thing you have to do....
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From:Anna Marie
Date:February 23rd, 2011 04:26 pm (UTC)


I talked to Brian (who told me to buy it), but I have decided to create my own (cheaper) version. I agree - it's too light. And I can mail stuff to the kids, I just need to come up with a format for it. I already have a suitcase (print two, staple or glue together to make a folder) that I can put together for each kid, and a paper passport with pre-made stamps (customizable, seven varieties). I can print 'postcard' pictures, write letters, and I want to throw something in there having to do with maps, traditions, food, etc.

But this wouldn't be until AFTER we finish our state studies. I might even make them en masse and send them to my sisters kids, my kids, and the penpal kids. :) I'm already in the intensive planning stages...

But $10 per country is NOT what I find acceptable.
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Date:February 23rd, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)

Re: Nope

Have you thought about doing something similar for the States? I know I have a TON of photos of the various areas of Texas - Big Bend, Coastal, Plains.....don't mind sharing. :wink:
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