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Something's in the Air....

I don't know what it is, but...after cleaning out the infected arm, I went home last night and shoved furniture around. The living room has been rearranged 6 times since we moved in....I hope this was the last time! (Well, until I paint...)

The sewing machine and serger are now set up. Ditto the PG Drumcarder - I called my dear, sweet, FIL to see if he would build me a proper table for it. The Workbench it is on is too tall/wide and you can't get a chair up to it, so you have to stand. The futon has been moved, some boxes were shifted up to the attic, the loom parts (the other 4 shafts and jacks) are now in the studio where they belong, the movies were put back where they belong....

It's much better now. I still need to get the toys outta there and vacuum and mop, but....I like the arrangement. Usuable, yet neat. Just have to figure out how and where to store the fabric stash.....

I need to find someone to build me a reed stand for my spare reeds. I only have the 1 60", but I have 2 22", and am looking for more for the 60" and the 16" looms.

I also need to figure out where the warping reel will go.......*that* should be fun! Space is at a premium here...and I bought the biggest house I could afford! I guess I could toss the van outside, and use the garage...nah. I bought this house specifically because it had the attached garage. Well, I'll think of something.
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