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More blather....

Let's see...

1. Microscope: I think we're going with a Compound Biological one. I found some sites that tell you what to look for; this is the type that I think will work best. SG gave me a budget of $80 - $140....but I want to go cheaper. Supposedly, the schools prefer Swift microscopes - I need to hit eBay and see what's there (I found a Biological 'scope on eBay for $69....I'm just trying to go a little cheaper.) Why buy a 'scope? Because I have this overwhelming URGE to get one - I've learned over the years that means something. Dunno what....but I've done the research. Now I wait for the right one to pop up - it might not, but I've done my part. (Hard to explain.....but I'm *supposed* to do this. :shrug:)

2. Himself: Excited about next week. Last night, he made "Double Iced Brownies" - which is a sugar attack waiting to happen. They're good, but WAY too sugar-y. He wants to do more cooking, so I told him that 1 day a week (at least) he'll be in charge of dinner. He's ALL over that!

3. Work: I am.....ALL caught up. Seriously - ALL. That's....never happened before. The *only* thing I have to do is file up stuff.....which is minor. ALL the work is DONE. It's...odd. And it's not because I'm going part-time - it just....that's just how it is. :pondering:

4. I'm all antsy...not sure why. It's dark and dreary today - yesterday it was 35* in the AM; today it was 67*. Normal for Texas! :lol:
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