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Goat stuff...

If you are in the market for a milking machine, or parts for one, I HIGHLY recommend Parts Dept . For some reason, I can't get the link to work - their phone # is 1-800-245-8222. VERY nice people - they don't mind answering questions! - and the customer sevice is bar none.

I've been waffling on ording the silicone goat clusters (new inflations/shells) for a while. SG and I discussed it, and I went ahead and ordered today. Bear in mind, I have NO IDEA what I ordered - I knew I wanted the clear shells and silicone inflations, because they are lighter-weight than the stainless shells and black rubber inflations I'm currently using (NOTE: There is NOTHING wrong with my current set-up. However...I have a young FF about to pop, and I want to take care of her udders. Not that I think the SS shells will hurt her...but they're kinda heavy for a goat. And....Zorra. We had a HECK of a time with her on the machine - her teats are....offset; 1 points North, the other NE, and they're not at the bottom of the udder - 1 is about 45* from the bottom, the other is off to the side. Her udder looks twisted - and the shells pulled on her. No damage, but...I'd rather ensure there won't be any long-term, y'know?)

Anyway, I called to order 2 clusters today. I asked the guy "These 2 are all I need to milk 2 goats at a time with my Surge bucket, right?" and he said "You have a Surge?'re gonna need a "Y"...what about hoses? Do you have (and he went into something that I honestly don't have a clue about) on your pulsator?" "Ummm. I have a 4-port Interpuls I got from Y'all...and I have the metal shells?" "AH. Right, then...let me add the correct hoses." "OK....will I be able to milk 2 goats at a time?" "Yes. I've got it correctly set up for your Surge bucket and pulsator - do you need anything else?" I did - I bought a spare gasket, for just in case. The hoses and "Y" only added about $11 to the total cost - not bad, considering I have no idea what I needed. I should get them next week - and Inara is due 3/15, so that's good.

I also placed an order with Caprine Supply for stuff to go in our kidding kit. They have a kit - for $67.50. Well...I don't need gloves, or the tote, or the iodine, so I pieced it together myself...for $27.30. Not too bad.....and we'll be set for any (G-D forbid!) problems that might occur. (I'm working on the Murphy's Law Principle - if you're prepared, you didn't need to be. Hope it works this time, too! ATM, I don't have *anything* specifically for kidding, just general medical stuff. Last year nothing went wrong - I really can't count on that happening again!)

Still need to get a microscope - I've narrowed it down to a binocular compound biological one from Amscope. On eBay this $600 instrument goes for $119....but I need to doublecheck with SG to make sure it's OK. More $$$ than I wanted to spend.....I'm trying to find it cheaper. :nods:

Gotta call ADGA - I sent in our papers 2/7 and the check still hasn't cleared.
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