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Lookie what I've found!

Haven't had a lot of time to look, but boy - I've hit the motherload, I think!

Portland's Science Store - they have a HUGE selection of kits - especially in Physics!!!!!! Prices aren't outrageous, either - I need to do a lot of browsing here!

Science Kits - even more kits - including ROBOTS</a>!!!!!!!!!! Prices are VERY resonable, too.......:rubs hands with glee:

Of course, being me, I'm going to see if I can't find these cheaper - but wow! I didn't even THINK to look for Physics kits......these are TOO cool. Himself will eat them up.....I know where a lot of my portion of the refund will go! :heh:

Seriously - this started when I found a Smithsonian Chemistry kit on eBay (the..1500 experiment one - it's been discontinued). I decdied to see what else they had...which led me on a goosechase that ended up at the 2 sites there. This is exciting, and exactly what I was looking for!

And.....I was talking to the kids this AM. I told Himself that I wanted him to compare water samples as one of the first things to do with the 'scope. He was....OK, but not excited. Herself, however, was EXTREMELY excited, and envious. (Gonna have to do some thinking...I think we'll need to pull her out, too). She babbled on about the different amoebas (I know I butchered that!) and stuff in water.....and then I mentioned fecal checks on the goats. Himself was..underwhelmed - but Herself? VOLUNTEERED to run the checks for me! :boggle:

This is huge. HUGE. To her, the goats don't really exist - it's all chicken, all the time. For her to volunteer to do all the fecals is BIG. I'm sure it's because of the 'scope time - but whatever, I'll take it. :heh: 1 less thing for me to do!
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