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is the first day of being part-time. It's.....weird, and odd, and.....already full to the brim. Doc. appt at 1 for both kids; it's Himself's LAST day (Benchmark testing...I had intended yesterday to be it, but the Principal suggested today. Not wanting to piss her off, we agreed....I just didn't tell her we're pulling him at noon. :evil grin:). Herself is ALL bent out of shape over this......we'll see what the doc says.

Work: Part-time. Pay is a little more than half my current - sorry, former - full-time monthly pay. So, basically, I went from 2 checks to 1 check a month. This is good - and SG is ALL relieved.

School: Tomorrow Himself has to clean his room to locate the last textbook. (His room is...well.....a disaster area. It'll take ALL day to get it tidy.) I'll have to sit with him, or he'll end up playing instead of working. I figure, it'll be a good time to discuss scheduling, classes, where he's at scholastically, that sort of stuff. I'm thinking we'll do this similar to college MWF are *these* classes, TTh are *those*. 2 days for Science - 1 for the lesson, and 1 for "labs". We'll be feeling our way a bit at first - I want to get a workable schedule nailed down before Herself stays home (because, despite "waiting on the doctor", I think she needs to NOT go to High School. I just don't like the classes they offer freshmen - again, be honest. She'll never be able to hold down a "real" job - so why should she take "Business Administration"? (Which in on the schedule required of all freshmen) NO Art, the only foreign language offered is Spanish.......I understand requiring a foreign language....but I don't agree with one being forced on you. :sigh:

Arm: Don't ask. Swollen and numb this AM. :bigger sigh:

Goats: Oh! Forgot to note that we got the test results back on Friday. ALL CAE Negative!!!! and Rosa, Zorra, and Mocha are all bred!!!!! I knew the CAE results would be fine, I just wasn't sure about the bred part. :happy dance:

Knitting: Have the fiddly bits of the Sonic hat done. Now I'm just working my way up the hat....still have to figure out ears and quills - but the quills are easy; Jester hats for the win! The ears....I wanted to do them in 1 piece, but think I'll have to do it in 2 (since the inside is white/cream, and the outside is blue.) Don't think it'll be done by his birthday (Sunday!!! :gulp:) but it'll be close.

Gotta get ready to rustle the kids off to school. Looking forward to tomorrow, when I can "sleep in" until 5:15. Himself is my designated need for SG to get up at 4:30 (like this AM) when Himself is perfectly able to help.
Tags: blather, goats, homeschool, knitting

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