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I've returned to the dark side

I tried. I really did, to stay on the light side. Honest. I gave the kids bribes. I bought them new VHS and DVD movies. I bought them *books* for goodness sakes - even though Himself can't read, yet, I tried.

And yet, I went back to the dark side............of TV-land.

Our big TV (36") died a horrid death back in....November, I think. *I* did not want this TV At ALL - but Steve HAD TO HAVE IT. If he could have fit a larger one in the van, we'd have hauled it home, but no, 36" was the largest that would fit. (It was a *very* tight fit). He modified a cheap entertainment center to hold it, and was perfectly content. Me, not so much.

See, a 36" TV is Big. Huge. Great picture, yes, but the amount of space it takes, I said. Never again. When it dies, I will happily hold a state funeral and buy a modest 27" to replace it.

Then the world fell apart, then we moved. Therein lies my fate.

See, I used the life insurance money to build a house. During the process, I realized that the el cheapo entertainment center just would NOT work in the new house - it was too cheap, too trashy, too ICK. Also, it would fall apart if it was moved. So, I started looking at furniture. Weir's heard of my dilemma, and put a lovely, real wood, 3 piece center on sale (that was sized for the 36")....for $699. I bought it, had it delivered to Dad's, and went on my merry way.

Fast forward 1 year. The TV died an ignoble death. The kids were desolate. The 27" in the front room is OK........but the color and contrast leave a lot to be desired. The picture quality is Not Good. AND, it won't bring in the "local" stations - so, no PBS. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I promised them a new TV with the IRS refund. It hit yesterday. Wally World had some TV's displayed - a nice 34" for $300......not in stock. OK, how about the $425 one? Nope........after 1.5 hours of this, I said heck with it - I had them load up the only 32" they had. $700, but hey - a 27" would look stupid in my lovely entertainment center, and I am NOT replacing it for anything. The kids are over the moon - Himself wanted to sleep in the van with it last night - "to be sure it's safe!".

I have help coming today (hopefully) so we can disinter the old and install the new. Yea. Guess I need to clean, huh?

So, come join me on the Dark Side. I'll serve popcorn and punch! We can watch Bob the Builder at almost life size!
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