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Blah de blah....

We’ve no ‘net this morning, so I’m having to use SG’s portable hotspot thingy. :sigh: Supposed to have a tech out tomorrow – we’ve had nothing but problems with our DSL since mid-last year.

Got the microscope yesterday. TOO funny – we were getting ready to go out so I could get his new game. (Yes, the room is clean. Not perfect, but clean. With no complaining!) Met the UPS guy in the garage – he had 2 boxes for me. 1 was the kidding kit supplies; the other was the ‘scope. I carried them back into the house, and Himself got all excited – “It’s here! Can I open it?”

“No. It’s not a toy – I’ll open it.” He stood next to me impatiently while I cut the packing tape, slid out the Styrofoam liner, and cut the tape there. The moment I pulled off the top portion, all the air got sucked out of the house.

:shock: “It’s……REAL! “ “Ummm, yeah – didn’t you hear us talking? We didn’t want a toy one – we wanted one that would last.” “Well…yeah, but….this is….,this is…..this is like NOVA! Or NASA! It’s real! The school doesn’t even have one this real!” :snicker:

He reverently put it on the bookshelf, and I’ve caught him staring at it in awe. :lol:

We went on to Big Lots….and we discussed what we were going to do. He’d cower down when cars went by – and he really shrank down when we passed a sherriff. I had to keep telling him that we’re not doing anything wrong – he’s HOMESCHOOLED now, and as long as he’s with me or SG there won’t be any problems. I don’t think he’s quite got that into his head yet – he IS going to school, just – it’s not in a public building.

The lack on ‘net means I’ve made progress on his hat. The hat itself is done – now I need to do the 3 spike/quill things, and the ears. I’m hoping to be done tomorrow – it’s supposed to get cold tomorrow evening.

We did a math review this AM…..I know where he’s at, so I know where we need to go.

Irish Fest this weekend – if you’re local, c’mon out and say hi!
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