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I don't know if I love Anna, or want to smack her. Yesterday, she posted a link to what has to be the motherlode of Homeschooling documents - Homeschool Launch. TONS of .pdfs and .xls and .doc files, FREE for the downloading. She told me to go check out their Science I did. (I absolutely love her, if you couldn't tell - this site is great!)

The first 4 documents? Grade sheets for the series of Science books we have. Score! I happily downloaded them, and printed out the General Science one. Then I started browsing........

A lot of the stuff I can't use, even if I tweaked it. But....I noticed that there were notebooks there. Hmmm.....I looked, but there weren't any for the curriculum we're using...wonder if...

I googled, and found - for Free! - a notebook for Astronomy and Botany. (Apologia sells the notebooks...the cheapest I've found them is $19/each. I can't pay $20 and photocopy 1 (or 2)...and I can't pay $40. These are meant to be written in....if I buy 1 and copy, who gets the copy? And $40 is just...too much.) Hmmm......wonder what else I can find....

Went back to HSL, and noticed some people had lesson plans. This was my downfall....I suck at planning. I love to read, as does Himself, so it's nothing to read an entire chapter (even long ones!) at a time. Not the best for timing your units, though. A "proven" reading schedule, though - that'd be worth something!

Again, HSL didn't have anything for our curriculum. Google, however.....:lol: I somehow found Donna Young's site - she's planned out Apologia's entire booklist (except for Physics 1 & 2), AND she's planned out our History set (Streams of Civilization). Score, to the max!

I'm glad SG got me the 500G hard drive, because I started filling it up last night. I downloaded all the lesson plans, all the vocabulary sheets, all the "bookmarks" (which are important things from the reading, right there, easy to access)......

*3* hours later, I quit...only to start again this morning. I need to walk away from the Mac......I need to rustle up breakfast, but - hey, wonder if anyone's done up _______________________? :lol:

In other news, SG is still sick. Haven't woken up Himself's gonna be another fun day.....:grin:

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