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Inspiration strikes!

It's amazing how the sight of beautifully dyed handspun can inspire the weaving bug. My loom is now sleyed; as soon as I find the "perfect" pattern, I'll thread the heddles, beam the warp, tie the front and *weave*.

The Shetland yarn dyed up beautifully. The only spots are where the skein ties were....I tied them as loose as I dared, but they were still a bit too tight. It doesn'tlook bad - it adds interest to the warp. It also looks great on the bobbins....*g*

The yarn is very soft and bouncy. It was mostly spun on my front porch in the dog days of August, while the kids splashed and ran thru the sprinkler. Lots of happiness and warmth in this yarn - hope it carries over into the scarf.

It's sett at 6epi - some of it is finer than that, but that was the average of the WPI I did. It should make for a very soft and drapey scarf. Let's hope my author friend likes it as much as I like her books! (Her latest comes out Mar. 15 - run, don't walk to your local bookstore and snag "Whence Came A Prince" - I've read it *vbg* and it's Wonderful! If you haven't read the first 2 in the series, you've got time to get them and read them before 3/15. I highly recommend them!)

On another note - the TV is installed, the DVD/VCR is finally hooked up (and the VCR part is dying. Guess what I get to do tomorrow?). The fish....ah yes. The Fish.

Petsmart had many goldfish. Himself had decided that Bettas were bad luck, and he wanted fishies "just like sissies!". So, while he studiously contemplated the fish tanks, I picked out a larger aquariam. (His original one was only 2.5 gallons, the new one is 5) He decided he didn't want a bow front, no - he had to have the Hexagonal one. With the way awesome top of the line filter (per the Petsmart guy). So, new tank in the cart, the Petsmart guy got the "cart" and went with Himself to study fish.

An aside: I am very impressed with the Petsmart guy. He was young - 20 at most, I'd say. He was very patient during the long process of choosing Just The Right Fishies (yes, plural - he has 2). They decided on the best 2, Petsmart guy nabbed them, and into the bag they went. He approved of the tank set....then suggested the purchase of a new top of the line awesome filter for Herself's 5 gallon.

Until he heard how big her 2 goldfish had gotten. The purchase of a new tank was broached....they had a complete "Goldfish starter kit" : 10 gallon tank, filter, gravel, hood, food, etc. for $40. I kept looking at it - Himself's 5 gallon set was $45! (He does NOT need a larger tank. Repeat ad infinitum). Petsmart guy asked why I wanted that one, when a new 10 gallon tank was only $8. Hood was another $15......but. BUT.

They had a 20 gallon tank (with hood) for $30. The stand, which I would need for the 10 gal, was on sale for $36. So....yeah. She scored a 20 gallon tank, new filter, and stand.

Her fish are confused. They've been in the 5 gal for almost 3 years, and they can't comprehend the sheer *space* they have now. Himself's fishies are thrilled - they are zipping around bumping into the tank accessories (treasure chest, castle tower (blue, of course) and plant)...and no, he didn't want Herself's old tank - it was "PINK, Mama - I don't LIKE Pink." *sigh*

Oh, the joys of Motherhood! *g*
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