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Zaphod is off to his new home. First time ANYTHING's sold before I could post pictures! :heh: I do have some, really - I just need to get them off of my phone. :sigh: His new owners were thrilled with him, and the fact that I had the paperwork ready to go. (They got burned last year with a lady who was *going* to register the buck and never did. Nope, not me - the DAY he was born I filled out the application and printed it out, so it'd be ready.)

Talked to Parts Dept today (now you know where the sales $$ went. :lol:) and he said there was no reason I couldn't turn my milker into a 3-goater. I bought 2 clusters last month (or so); the had put "Y"'s on them, which is fine, but it meant that they only use 2 of the 4 ports on my lid. I toyed with buying a 2-port lid.....but we have 3 milkstands. Why not try to do 3 at once? He said that would be no problem and got me all set up.

Now I have to get Inara to jump up on the stand so I can, you know, USE the machine :lol:

Massive headache today...not sure why. Tea isn't helping....neither is chocolate. :sigh: Thunder-boomers are due tonight - wonder if that's it??

Oh, and Anna - THANK YOU for your SOTW posts! We're almost at Sargon, and I have printed off a lot of stuff to add to the book. Also....have you heard of They're not that pricey - $14.95 for a .pdf of Ancient World maps - both teacher copies and blank student copies. I bought that one and the Medieval World one (since our history book goes thru the Renaissance) and I found an online coupon. Himself likes the maps - it puts stuff in perspective and HE has to fill them out.
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