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I am shaking, but OK

Coming home tonight, my right rear tire decided to blow. Not just a nice, simple flat, no - it blew. Big time. And not on a residential street, no - that would be too simple. It had to blow at 75 mph on the Interstate.

I was able to get it to the side of the road without any mishap. I was only a couple of blocks from the daycare, so I called to see if anyone there could a)help or b)had a phone # of someone who would help. (An aside - Yes, I know how to change a tire. It's not rocket science. However, my wrists and arms won't allow me to do it - I have no strength at all in the left arm, and limited strength in the right. I've tried - no can do.)

The owner of the daycare volunteered to help. I owe him and his family a batch of cookies or brownies - he was most helpful. 2 gentlemen also stopped and volunteered - 1 had seen it go, and hurried back as soon as he could (he had to exit, turn around, and come back); the other loaned us his cordless impact wrench.

And, the biggest shock of all - a Deputy actually stopped and asked if we needed anything. If you know me, and my history with the County Deputies, you'll understand *why* I am shocked. (My MIL said he must not have known who I was....I broke down into hysterical laughter.)

The local tire depot was already closed, so I get to be late to work tomorrow. We skipped church tonight (we were supposed to get our picture made for the directory. That's gone....maybe we can get one this weekend and print it out so they can include it.) There's no way I will even attempt to drive to work on that rinky-dink spare. Or risk the twisty country roads we have to take to church, in the dark, with deer roaming around.

Mr. D went on home, and I went to get the kids. They are not happy with me - I had promised them Sonic before heading out to the church. Instead, they got Red Baron Pizza.

If I didn't have the kids, I'd go get quietly drunk. As it is, I think I'll go sit in a warm bath and let the shakes run out.
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