Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Nothing much to see here....

Had to put out some fires at work this didn't get much sleep and is having a blonde-day. It's no fun, trying to troubleshoot a program over the phone! :lol:

Tomorrow will be spent at the Fair - ALL Day. :sigh: Have to have Herself there by 10, to set up the Auction, then back again at 2 to get herself ready for the auction, which starts at 2:30. And we have no idea how long it'll be before her picture goes on the block. I have a sweater in progress, so I'm good.....

Going to lunch today with the hubster. This'll be fun!

Need to upgrade the kids bicycles....the local CraigsList has some...but I can get brand new ones at Wally-world for just a few $$ more (No, seriously - $65 for used, or $70 for new. Um.....) We're going to hit the local thrift store today to see if they have anything.....I just can't pay almost-new prices for used stuff. :sigh:

Get to candle the eggs some point. We might do it tonight, just to get it done. Hopefully, all the eggs are fertile. :fingers crossed:
Tags: blather
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