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Thunder-boomers rolled thru this AM, knocking out our ‘net for a couple of hours…..then LJ started not responding. :sigh: So, this has taken longer than I wanted. Anyway, pictures you were promised, and pictures you shall have!

When I went to upload photos, I realized I had never posted Himself’s birthday hat – so let’s do that first, shall we?

Sonic the Hedgehog hat front Sonic the Hedgehog hat front

Front view, where you can see the nose-crest-thingy. I dunno what it’s called – I just know that I was told to knit it. :lol:

Sonic the Hedgehog hat side Sonic the Hedgehog hat side

Side view, with the quills (or whatever). They’re stuffed, lightly, and stick out. He LOVES it, but isn’t quite sure he really wants to wear it in public. :snicker: I don’t mind – the simple fact that he sleeps with it makes me happy.

But you don’t want to see a hat, you want to see some prize-winning artwork! :lol: So, without further ado, here you go:

2011 County Fair entry 2011 County Fair entry

Sorry about the glare – I didn’t think to take a shot before putting it in the frame.

I am in total awe over this – she’s talented, yes, but I didn’t – and SHE didn’t – think she’d get Grand Champion. Or that much money for it!!!!

In other news, we now have 4 - yes, *4*! - 10-speed bicycles, courtesy of my dad. We had to go spelunking in his garage to get them, but....they're currently in the shed. They need a little work - all 4 need new tires, and a couple of them need new seats, but still - 4 bicycles! MUCH better than having to buy 3 new ones (we were going to just get the kids and me, SG can ride with us on weekends!) back to Borders. I spent Saturday evening playing with the Kobo...and, after discussing it with SG decided to get each of the kids one. I mean, $50! (OK, $45 after our card discount)...and they're preloaded with 100 classics, most of which on on "The Well-Trained Mind"'s reading list. Yes, they're no good if the electricity goes out.....but until then, they can each carry 100+ books around with them in a small, portable package. I found a couple of sites with free ebooks.....and I've put the "proper" .pdfs on the "correct" Kobo (Himself got a bunch of science and chemistry ones; Herself got the flower-and-animal ones. I also found some free Star Wars books to put on Himself's.....

BOTH kids freaked out when I grabbed 2 boxes and told them to pick out cases. Himself tried the "Oh, I don't really *want* one", but his face told a different story (he was horribly abused by the ex - anything he wanted, he got teased with, then told no. :sigh: I was an idiot...) - and he could hardly contain his excitement when the cashier handed him the box. Herself was more blase......but still happy. She's already deep into the Japanese Fairy Tales that were pre-loaded......

Inara is giving me a little over 5 pounds/day right now. Each day is a couple of ounces more.....she's going to be a fantastic milker, I think! 2 more does are due around Passover....THAT'S going to be fun!

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