Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Almost caught up...

from skipping yesterday. We doubled-up on math, will do Science tomorrow (and tomorrow's test on Friday), and we totally skipped music and art (we'll do a longer session of each tomorrow.) Yes, I could have just written off yesterday...but I was looking forward to tests-only on Friday. :lol:

Got the last set of shells and inflations in, so I now have a 3-goat milker. Now I have to run a new extension cord to the barn...and get Inara to get UP on the stand by herself. :sigh: Stubborn goat! We had to man-handle her up the steps yesterday, when we didn't use the steps. She thinks grain should be fed on the ground, so she doesn't have to strain her dainty feet jumping up on that scary stand. :rolls eyes:

Himself told me Monday that Homeschool was "the best", and then he toasted me with his milkshake. :snicker: Wait until Monday...we start the new Math book.

Out of 24 fertile eggs, it looks like we have 13 viable. We're going to re-candle tonight.....a couple of them we couldn't see thru the dark shells, but.......I know, a 50% hatch rate is good. *I* was aiming for more like 90%....ah, well. Our chicks are being mailed out today.....again, I have to expect some losses in transit. :sigh: NOT what I wanted - I want ALL the birds, darnit! :lol:

Weather's nice today - have the clothes out on the line. Nice way to save electricity!

Break's over - back to Pre-Passover cleaning!!
Tags: blather, goats, homeschool

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