Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Blah de blah...

Let's see.....time to buckle up. This is gonna be pretty random, I think.

1. I LOVE Apologia General Science. Yes, it's a little over Himself's head, but he's loving it. I like that each Module has 3+ experiments to do, and they all use household items. Today, we made eggs float (it called for 1 egg; I decided to see the difference between a FRESH egg and one that was at least 3 weeks old. The older one floated quicker.) and learned about surface tension (he made 3 cardboard "boats", a put "motors" on 2 of them (supposed to be 3, but we had no chewing gum). The control sat, the Kleenex sorta bobbed around, but the soap sped away. Coolness!)

2. Clothesline. LOVE it. Love that it's clear today and I can use it.

3. Work. Driving me nuts. Phone calls ALL the time...on stuff that coworker should know how to do. :sigh:

4. McCoy's has LOST my slip for the stall mats. I am...fuming. Supposed to call them tomorrow....:grrrrrr: They owe me 7 stall mats, and they WILL give them to me.

5. The milk room has been swept and tidied. It's ready for the machine...but I need power. Can't find the new extension cord we bought Saturday. :sigh:

6. Why does NO ONE in this forsaken little town have fountain pens?????????? :big sigh: I'm thinking that'll help Himself's handwriting (which is deplorable)...but I'm gonna have to drive 45 minutes to somewhere that has them.

7. Got lamb-and-beef kabobs for Passover. Nice - all I have to do it grill 'em. Cheaper than leg-of-lamb, which is the only other lamb the local grocery store had. I really don't want to drive 45+ minutes for lamb, y'know?
Tags: blather

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