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Houston, we have


Previous Entry Houston, we have Apr. 14th, 2011 @ 10:13 am Next Entry
3 chicks, so far. Out of 24. 1 of them started peeping yesterday morning, but hadn't done anything until about 7:15 last night, when it managed to poke a hole in the shell. We went to bed, after I told the kids not to expect all the chicks to survive, etc.

About 8:30, there was a loud SMASH, and a lot of pissed-off cheeping. The chick was PISSED that it's shell had busted, and it wanted to talk to the Manager, NOW, about this horrible thing, and SOMEBODY was going to do SOMETHING about it, NOW, or else. :lol: All night long I heard about it (the incubator is on the bar, which is Right Outside the Master Bedroom. :sigh:)

This AM, we had 3 chicks - pissed-off one has sorta toned it down, and the other 2 are trying to figure out what's what. 6 more eggs are cracked; some are rocking, even - but no holes, yet.

Do I leave the dried chicks in the 'bator until later? Can I pull them out now? I've never done this before.....

1 of them is the Blue Sumatra, which is cool, as we only had 1 of those. Pissed off chick is a Blue Hamburg - I have no clue what #3 is, I can't read the busted shell. The plan is to catalog the un-hatched ones tomorrow, so I can sorta figure out what we have. I'm hoping we get at least 1 Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte.....otherwise I'll have to buy more eggs and do this all over again. :rolls eyes:

I also have 20 chicks in the mail, due to be delivered tomorrow. We are about to be overrun.....should be fun! :lol:
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