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Done for the day!


Previous Entry Done for the day! Apr. 22nd, 2011 @ 08:56 am Next Entry
2 tests, 1 math sheet on ratios, 1 Grammar sheet, and the Astronomy lesson. SG is home, and was surprised we got it all done so quickly. We started at 6:45, though.....

Still NO babies. I think she's just fat at this point....except for the HUGE udder she's got going. It's like...she smuggling 2 2L bottles back there (poor thing - she really needs a cross-your-heart. Seriously.)

Kenzie has bounced back from her procedure....you'd never know she'd gotten snipped.

I've already got the next 2 weeks planned out - I did both the History and Science study questions while Himself was testing; I've printed the necessary maps, and I've figured out which models we'll be doing. Science has a few experiments on simple machines...Math is easy, I just go thru the next chapters, breaking it down where it makes sense. (Today was an entire chapter, because, really - Ratios? Simple. No obvious place to split it up. The beginning Algebra I broke into 3 days, because it made sense that way. This? Not so much.) The rest of the subjects are easy to do on a day-to-day basis......Science and History are the 2 "biggies". :shrug: I've got the study questions saved so all I have to do for Herself is print them off as we get to them......the maps are on my external HD, and are easy to print, as are the models - which she may or may not do. She's not as into that....I may have her illustrate the lessons, instead. :ponder: (Just how many paper pyramids does 1 family need, after all? :wink:)

Better skitter - SG wants help landscaping. :blah:
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