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Oh My....


Previous Entry Oh My.... Feb. 25th, 2005 @ 11:08 am Next Entry
I knew warping mills were large. Exceedingly big, in fact. However, I had *no* idea............

UPS brought me this lovely box today. Huge box. Very large. Won't fit in the van, nuh uh. No way.

So, I decide to break the box down..........the mill? It's packed so tight in the box that there is no way to slide it out. I had to pry the cardboard off of it.

It looks good - there is some broken bits of wood, but I can't see where they belong. The working portions of the mill look to be in good order. Just large.

At that, it barely fits in the van *without* the box.

Now, to figure out *where* it's gonna go........
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