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Previous Entry Handwriting.... Apr. 22nd, 2011 @ 03:02 pm Next Entry
OK. I had started Himself (and me) on Palmer....and, you know...it's not pretty. It's functional, but it's not a PRETTY hand. hugh_mannity linked me (back) to the Getty-Dubai Italic book - *I* think italic cursive is ugly..but it's easy. It's an easy transition from "ball and stick", which is what the public schools teach out here, it's legible....and Himself likes it. :sigh: (In fact, it looks like my printing *is* Getty-Dubai italic...who knew? :lol: I still think it's ugly, but I'm leaving my printing alone. It's OK.)

So, I printed out the letter chart for him...and decided to HECK with this, and printed out a Copperplate/Roundhand chart for *me*. If I'm gonna spend the time working on my handwriting, I want the outcome to be *pretty*.

The funny thing is, a lot of my letters are already pretty close to Copperplate...it's just going to take some work to get it consistent. And my slope is all wrong....but that, again, can be fixed.

Herself will be using the Italic cursive, as well - her writing is WORSE than his, so she's got a lot of work to do. :sigh: At least she'll like the fountain pen.....he's not so fond of it. :grin: (Me? I think my writing's only as good as it is because I went thru a calligraphy phase in middle school/high school. For a while, ALL my papers were neatly calligraphy-fied....:heh: I KNOW my teachers hated it, but they couldn't complain - the papers were legible, and neat. Yes, I was a strange child......:heh:)
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