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Whew! I survived!

The party was a success. Even if Himself's friends didn't get to come - asthma. Ah, well - he enjoyed himself anyway. And watched Star Wars Ep. I and II....and is begging to see Clone Wars. Again.

Much SW goodness. He is in geek heaven - what with the Falcon, a TIE fighter, the Playschool X-wing, speeder bike, and robots, a lightsaber, and Zam Weesel. Whee! Also a Hot Wheels set (which got blown up by the Falcon, then crash landed on by the TIE fighter, which was goin' down after a dog fight with the X-Wing.)

I dropped the cake, but it was OK. The box took the brunt of it; the trim got a little squished, but it still tasted great!

I got the warp beamed, and have woven 1 inch. Looks good!

Must feed dogs, hit the treadmill, then find my bed. I'm tired!
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