Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It was was bad...

Let's see....yesterday, Rosa went into labor about 12;30. SG yelled for me - I was in the house resting - so I grabbed the kidding bag and ran out. I found a beautiful little doeling already delivered, and Rosa starting to strain again.

15 minutes later, I saw the head presenting - NO feet. So...I went in and fished around. Got both feet rearranged, and out popped a cute little BUCKLING. Shit - his call name is "Trouble". I figured - I was already gooped up, so I went back in and did a quick sweep, but didn't feel anything. Gave everybody Bo-Se, and Vit. E to the kids, and called it a day.

I figured this was Yah's way of getting me out of the Easter party today - I really didn't want to go, but it's family, and how do you tell the bossy SIL that no, really, you DON'T celebrate pagan holidays, and yes, really, you DID celebrate the Resurrection, and no, it's not on Sunday, it was WEDNESDAY, and....yeah. This was easier all around. And it was a good thing we were home, too.....

We cleaned out the kidding area this AM and moved Rosa to the doe area. She still had goop - but that's not that big of a deal; sometimes it takes longer for everything to clear. We moved the twins out of my bathroom and into the now-clean kidding area, then ran to Home Depot so we could buy another bucket for a lamb bar (SG stole mine for concrete mixing.)

Came home, went out to bottle-feed, and Zorra was in labor. She rapidly delivered boy-girl twins. We pulled the girl, and let her keep the boy - after all, Inara is giving us almost a gallon/day, and Rosa was a gallon/day last year, so we don't need her on the milk line right now - and noticed Rosa was she was in labor. Again.

:sigh: Yup. Triplets. This one was STUCK - the head was stuck inside the cervix, and the feet were back. It took me - and Herself, who had to help (her arms/hands are smaller than mine and she's stronger) - 45 minutes to push the baby back, and to fish the feet out. (SG was franticly trying to find a vet that was open - stupid pagan holiday!) It was - of COURSE - a perfect little doeling. :sigh:

I feel like it's my fault she didn't live - I didn't FEEL her yesterday when I went back in! I should time I'll spend more time checking. :sob:

Rosa got 3.5 ccs of Bo-Se today, along with .5 ccs of Banamine (I couldn't remember the dosage). Stupid vet (the BAD one) refused to do a uterine flush, so I'm going to call our vet tomorrow - I'm sure he'll be happy to. Rosa's slightly depressed - probably from the Banamine, but might be from internal tearing (THAT'S why I want the vet to check her over. SG has NO clue - yes, the goats are "his", but I've done all the reading and researching - he just likes to tell people he makes goat cheese from HIS goats' milk. :sigh: He didn't want to press the issue with the vet on call.......I told him, we lose Rosa, he can take the blame. I DID my part, to the best of my ability.)

So. I was gonna post photos today, but you'll have to forgive me. I'm covered in goat bodily fluids, I have a raging case of guilt, and I'm just not in the mood. Herself (and my co-worker) tried to tell me that at least we have 1 new Alpine doeling, and we have Zorra's (plus the 2 bucklings that are for sale) - but that doesn't help, really.

SG and Himself are out trying to get the 3 kids onto the lamb bar......Zorra's girl will latch on, suck furiously for a minute, then lose interest. The 2 Alpines are worrying me - they ate (well) at 10 AM, then haven't had anything since. I *KNOW* they're SG has orders to NOT give up until their tummies are full. I really don't want to lose these hard-won Alpines, y'know?
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