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this takes the cake. I've been ticked all day - since yesterday, really. Let me explain:

Yesterday, my mother came and took Himself and me to lunch. We went to the local ice cream parlor/greasy spoon - cheap and really good food, PLUS Blue Bell milkshakes. Anyway, they are on the delivery list for a free....paper-thingy. It's a 4 page newsletter, I guess you'd call it, full of local ads, jokes, and local interest type stories.

So, I grabbed one as we went to sit down. This was the Easter edition, of course...and I was pleasantly surprised to see an article on Passover. Coolness! I quickly started reading......and threw the damn paper across the booth. Why?

Because. It said, in part: "Passover *might* be mentioned in the Bible". Ummm.....WHAT?????? MIGHT???????? :deep breath:

Let's see.....anyone remember the 2nd book of the Bible? Exodus? Ring any bells? How about Leviticus? The whole Calendar of Sacred Time? Hell-O, there!

Wait - that's OT, and every good chrischun knows that Jesus threw that out when he made his followers replace the Jews (those rotten Christ-killers!) as the Chosen People, right? Ummm...yeah. About that.......never mind, if you've read here long enough you KNOW that's not true. (If you have a brain, you know that's not true, but...never mind.)

Let's see... about the DAY MESSIAH WAS CRUCIFIED????? The Gospels spell it did the OT Prophets, but, again, every good chrischun knows that the OT is gone....:bangs head:

I won't even go into the statement that Moses is only mentioned in the Bible in Exodus.....also bogus. :sigh:

Granted, the Seder as it is now is NOT following the command. Lev. says that Passover is to be celebrated between dusk and sundown....which is, what? Maybe an hour? If that? Most modern seders run 3 hours or so....but that's a quibble. The traditions are freaky - they all point to Yeshua as the Messiah, even if the Jews won't see it - which I find amusing and fascinating. But still - to say that Passover *might* be in the Bible........:twitch:

I didn't read any further - that pissed me off enough that I have decided to not read the newsletter again. Don't want to absorb any more wrong thinking than I already have.....

:deep cleansing breath:

Rosa's doing better. The vet gave me Naxcel last night ($50!!!!! $50 for a (1) bottle of medicine that's only good for 7 days!!!! :blink:) when we took Trouble up to disbud. It's a better antibiotic than penicillin for uterine infections (per DGI) - she's remarkedly better today. Her udder's still uneven (I really should get a picture, but it's UGLY. :shudder: Still.....), but it's better than it was. SG even noticed, so it's not just wishful thinking on my part. At the noon massage session, I got a little over 20 ounces out of that side alone, so progress is being made. She also ate the whole time - slowly, but still she's eating. I've got her wandering around the yard right now, taking in the sun and nibbling on weeds.

I bought a box of peppermint tea today - I am going to brew some up tonight and use it during the massage (bathing her udder with it, then plastering the tea bag on the worst area while massaging thru it). Won't hurt, and might help.

Himself tried my Noodler's fountain pen a result, I've ordered him one of his own. They're not that expensive, and his writing is better with it than with any other pen we've tried.
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