Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

The day can only get better...


We were out milking when Herself ran in the barn. Something was wrong with Himself's gerbil......yeah. Himself was totally upset, and begged me to find a vet. What's a mom to do? Simple - I called Dr. P (the GOOD vet) to leave a message on his machine. I knew the office didn't open until 8, and I wanted to leave him a message so he'd know what was going on.

Imagine my surprise when he answered the phone! Since Himself was in the car, and I was in the house, I gave him a quick run-down (Yeah. son has a gerbil, and I think it's pretty well dead, but he wants to see a vet - do you mind? Ummm......OK, thanks - but please don't be as blunt as I just was - he's all torn up about this)

Dr. P was great. He met us a 10 til 8, took a look....but the gerbil was already gone. Still, he did perform an "exam" - it looks like it had a tumor, and decided to perform surgery on itself...only went a little too far. (It was gory. HORRIBLY gory....:shudder:) He said he was sorry, then gently wrapped up the body in a couple of paper towels and sent us home.

Where I performed a funeral. :sigh: Sometimes, pet ownership sucks.

Himself is all torn up, of course, but he wants to replace him now. OK...I don't mind. DIfferent people grieve in different ways. I don't LIKE rodents, but he does, so.....:sigh:

The cage has been scrubbed and bleached, and is outside in the sun to dry off. We'll be heading out around 10-ish or has been canceled for the day. I don't think it would do much good to force him to read - I think he'd be too busy crying to actually retain anything. We can catch up Monday.

Rosa's acting more normal. Her udder is still all big, but the spots are starting to break up. I'm trying to figure out how to fit in her massage, bottle-feeding the kids, and replacing the stuff. (Not)
Tags: country life, goats, kids

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