Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Trying to cheer us up (PICTURES) I promised pictures. I'm trying to cheer up the boy - and editing pictures helped, as he had to help me name the photos. (Whatever works!). So, without further ado, I give you Photos:

The chicks are the oldest, so let's start there:

This isn't all of them, of course, but it's a good shot of the 1 for-sure blue chick we have. Can you see it? It's almost the color of the stock tank.....:lol:

We've been working on fences,'s why:

That's the portion next to the doe barn. Here's the fence line:

The lean is from the silly equines deciding that the grass on THAT side of the fence is much, much better than the grass (AND hay!) on THIS side of the fence. :sigh: I've NEVER had a fence this bad before - especially not when it's barely 3 years old. The only reason Heart is still in her paddock is because she doesn't realize she could just step over it and be off....

This is what we're doing to "fix" it:

We've gotten a couple more sections done since this photo, but you see the basic idea. 5" round posts, 2' deep in concrete, with stock panels. The panels are too expensive to do the whole property, though, so we're going to use either sheep-and-goat fencing or no-climb horse wire for the bulk of it, still on the posts with the topper. That way the horses can't slide the wire down - the top will keep it neat.

And, of course, why you clicked the link - Kids!

This is Trouble, himself:

And his twin sister:

We haven't named her yet....

Our 3/4 Nubian doeling:

Her twin brother is almost the same, but I don't have "cute" photos of him yet. He's still with his mother.

The Triple Threat. Deadly cute, ravenous appetites, always on the lookout for fun. :lol:

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