Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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I think...

piano is not for me. I can read treble clef with no problem; bass gives me fits - but that's not the issue. I sat down today to do Lesson 1...and my left wrist simply can't take it. :sigh:

Lesson 1 is basic - stupid, actually, if you've had ANY music training at all. "This is a piano. This is how you find the notes. This is "C"..." :arrrgh: He then starts you off with a basic chord progression (so that you feel like you're making music. Whatever...) right hand? No problem - I have an octave reach with it, easily. My left hand? I can't stretch from c to g. :sigh:

I will keep trying...but I have the feeling that I'm going to have to just *watch* the lessons, then try to do them on my harp - you know, that's not a bad idea, actually - doing the chords and stuff ON the harp, as he goes. :thinks: We'll have to rearrange the music area and shift the harp into there instead of the living room (it's in the living room next to the TV, so that the sound vibrations will keep the harp's soundboard "alive". Same theory as putting a new violin in a cabinet with the radio playing loud music - the soundboard will vibrate and the instrument will find it's voice easier and sooner than if you just play it a lot. :grin:)

Himself has no problems with it, so he'll be continuing with it. I don't care WHAT instrument the kids end up playing - they will learn at least 1, and they will get somewhat proficient on it. (I can play violin, clarinet, recorder, tin whistle, and can dink around on the harp and piano. Violin is my instrument of choice, even if my wrist has buggered it for me. I can still play it - just not as good as I once was. Ah, well - not gonna perform any time soon, so it's OK. I just like making music!) When I rule the world, everyone will have to learn how to read music. :nods:

Still plugging away at "The Land of Painted Caves" or whatever. I'm sorry....but I think I may not finish it. :sigh: I'm at Part 2....*4* years after Part 1 and Ayla is STILL in the same position she was in Part 1. No progress has been made in her "training", she's still got 1 kid, no changes on the relationship front, and the girl who hates her hasn't tried anything. Ummm......right. In 4 years. Not buying it....and the whole book feels it was churned out just to get something in print. And - I don't CARE about the damn caves, I want to know *what happens*. Auel goes into detail on Every. Damn. Cave they visit - I Don't Care. If it doesn't move the story along, it's not needed.......and this? Doesn't move. I can't believe we waited how many years for this? NOT worth the wait. :grumble: I remember I felt the same way about Plains, and Shelters......this is very disappointing. I'm trying to figure out if I just want to skip to the end to see if it ENDS, or if it peters out again.......(And, they still haven't discovered the wheel? After 4 years of hauling the large priestess around on a travois? Ummm...that makes no sense!)

Got a loaf of bread in the machine - it'll be done in time for lunch. :mmmmmm: Fresh bread and peanut butter - can't wait!
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