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I have spent HOURS revamping my planner, to get it more user-friendly for 2 kids. I *really* wish someone would sell a complete package - especially for History - so that *I* don't have to pull things together from all over the place.

Science, they have - there's a notebook set from 2 different companies for the Texts we're using; they have them for General Science, Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry (I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the other 3 on payday; if Himself doesn't do well with it, I still have *Herself* to get thru them!). Math is...well, Math - not must to do there besides work the problems. Writing - same thing. History, however...

I spent a good 2 hours getting everything set. I have the lists of all my notebooking pages, I have a list of all the paper models I've downloaded, organized by approximate year of invention/construction, I have a list of all my maps, all neatly filed in my planner. I have the reading schedule for our Text, and I can easily pull out the things we need for each chapter.

2 hours to organize.....this doesn't include the time spent *finding* the stuff to begin with! :arrrrrgh: And it doesn't count the time spent organizing my hard drive so that I can easily FIND the stuff again, when we need it. Granted, it's all organized NOW, but....I would have been THRILLED to toss money at someone else, so that all I had to do was open a box. :sigh:

I am glad I didn't have to come up with the notebook pages myself...I am NOT creative in that respect. There are free ones all over the web; I did end up buying the History Scribe sets from CurrClick. They were *cheap* (seriously. $1.50/set; or $4.00 for the bundle. Free is good, but my time is valuable - this is all bundled together, ready to print off. I ended up buying 4 bundles from them - there's some overlap, but not much.) I know you can put them together using Word.....I'm a Word Perfect gal myself, and they don't make that for Mac anymore. :sigh: I just don't really "get" Word - it's nowhere near as user-friendly IMO as WP. Ah, well.....that's why the Lord let OTHER people do stuff, and gave me enough disposable income I can pay them for their work. :grin:

I *THINK* I'm ready to add Herself to class. Her last day is 5/20 - school is officially out the 27th, but we have stuff planned for that week. No biggie - it's not like they're doing anything anyway!

Dryer repairman is coming out the 19th. We're supposed to get a pest control guy out then, too - the mice have been busy. :sigh: We're also getting new phone service then - we lose our 'net a LOT out here. Supposedly, this new group is much better - and they're cheaper. We'll see....I'd like to change. I HATE CenturyLink! They're the only group in town; the new group is all satellite. Hope they live up to the hype - they can't be worse than what we have!
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