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Yesterday was a busy day. I ended up selling Zorra's boy - which is good, but...I really need to sell Trouble, because of the milk situation. The 3 kids are drinking all my milk!!!!! (Because Rosa's not in the milk-line right now, we're hurting. Inara is doing her level best....and Zorra will be contributing a lot more now, but *still* - 3 kids drink a LOT of milk. I'm trying to get them to eat grain....but they're a trifle young yet. :sigh:)

The dryer had a slipped belt and a clogged air vent. It's fixed - and I can dry a load of clothes in *1* cycle! AmAzInG!

The exterminator did his thing.....hopefully, no more mice. :fingers crossed:

The new phone/internet. Ah. Yeah. About that.....he was late, to begin with. The window was 12-4...he showed up at 5:10. No biggie. It's satellite phone/internet, so we now have a receiver on the roof. l was a bit concerned - we have a very steep, very tall roof, but he managed the install, and only dropped his phone off the roof. (It scared Bree- things aren't supposed to FALL from the sky! Oh dear - it's SCARY!!!! :lol:)

He then came in to pull

He's OK - just banged his leg up all to hell. He was quite embarrassed - he's never done that before. Us? We are not too upset - the company is sending out a contractor, and the boss will be out sometime today to check it out. I figure, they'll do the sheetrock and texture, we'll probably have to paint - and that's OK. (Why get upset by it? It was an accident, and he could have hurt himself really badly. It's in the hallway, so it's not like the kids got traumatized (Herself) by having a gaping hole in their ceiling, so.....:shrug: It'll be fixed, and that's the point.)

On the upside, our internet is BLAZINGLY fast now. We were lucky to have decent speed - now? It's what we're Paying For. We have thunder-boomers coming in.....we'll see if we lose it "because our servers have safety switches - when the weather gets bad, they automatically shut down. You'll have 'net back when the storms move out." (We got that ALL. The. Time. with the old service. :blech:)

It was kinda funny - after we made sure he was OK, he called his boss - and said "Um. No - I kinda think that if you fall thru a customer's ceiling you kinda need to make sure they have Internet before you leave., I'm OK....." :snicker:

It's Herself's last day in Public School. She's OK with it - now. Finally. Monday....we'll see. :nods:

Gotta skitter - got 2 tests to administer!
Tags: blather, country life, homeschool

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