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HS Update...

seems that the lapbook/notebook system *does* work with Himself - his Science test grade was 95! It should have been 100 - there was 1 question that had 2 correct answers, but the answer he chose wasn't what the answer guide wanted. (It was about which of the types of tests for written works did the Bible pass - it actually passes all 3; the "correct" answer was external and bibliographic. It also passes the internal test....which is what he put down. I took 1/2 off....although technically I shouldn't have.)

History was an 85 I went on a mission. Found a BUNCH of freebie for our next chapter - Classical Greece and Hellenization. I will confess that I hit CurrClick first.....but the cheapest unit was $17...and I just can't spend that right now (payday is Wednesday.....he starts the next chapter on Monday. That...doesn't really work that well.).....I found, which has a few ancient civilization lapbooks - the problem FOR ME is that I have to download each piece individually, then try and put them into order. :sigh:

It took 3 hours, but I have Ancient Egypt (for Herself...maybe. It was free, so it's no big deal), Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome/Roman Empire (that one will cover 2 chapters in our text), and Ancient China. I can't find any freebies on the Byzantine Empire...I might have to spend $7 for that one. :sigh: I also can't find Medieval Europe for free - the Plague, yes, but not Europe as a whole, so I will probably have to pay for it, too. :sigh: Still, we don't need them yet, so I have some time to keep looking - I just don't have the skill with Word/whatever to design my own. (Hmmm....wonder if someone sells/has templates that you can edit on you computer? That could work....must go looking!)

The more I can get set up now, the better off I'll be down the road. I'm looking forward to the kids going to Granny's - I am going to try and get the rest of the History text outlined so that I can just print and go with it. Science is taken care of, thanks to Knowledge Box. Math is easy - I figure out what we'll do that week, copy the worksheets/extra practice sheets, and we're good to go (No, I don't write in our books - I'd like to pass them on!)

Right now, Himself is hanging out on learning about the Solar Cycle/rockets/something. :heh: I printed him a paper model of the sun...we'll see if he gets to it today.

Still no update on my ceiling.

UPDATE: No, not on the ceiling; they haven't called back. BUT! Found a *fantastic* free lap/notebooking site!!! - TONS of stuff on Ancient Civilizations, Bible, Renaissance, Ancient Japan, Ancient China.....I spent HOURS there saving stuff down. The Ancient Japan is a bit sparse, but they are working on new pages. They also have Native American stuff - I need to sit down with the Text and see what I can use from there. :bounce:
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