Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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MAJOR thunder-boomers yesterday, with hail. It was....I was at work, and it got black. HIGH winds, hail - icky. Driving home at lunch wasn't fun......visibility was maybe 10'. It wasn't too bad at the house - just rain. Still.....

Today I've been surfing, looking for pictures to use in upcoming History Chapters. I've done chapters 1-7, and am working on 8...but I decided to hunt for the pictures *now*, so I can concentrate on setting up the mini-books and stuff. I have to keep reminding myself I am trying to save us money (hard to see when it takes me 2 hours to do a chapter...and I can buy a Unit from CurrClick for $7. :sigh: Granted, I'd have to tweak it, but.....$60 of my time vs $7. :big sigh:)

Rosa gave us 1/2 gallon this AM. Let me re-state that - ONE HALF GALLON. By herself. It's going direct to the kids - she finished her penicillin cycle last Saturday, and I'm giving her a week before we start drinking it (since the kids are I are allergic to penicillin.)

They are coming out at 8 AM Friday to fix my ceiling. Fun stuff...

Herself is sorta settling in. Her attitude needs work....but she's getting there. Not taking the school work seriously, though - she bragged yesterday that she was just "skimming" the textbooks. I can't wait for her to test...I'm halfway hoping she bombs so that she'll start to take it seriously.

Gotta get back to surfing.....I think I have pictures thru Chapter 10. There's 18 chapters in our book.....
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