Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So, what did you do today?

:sigh: Let's see....had 2 guys show up to fix my ceiling - it's all perfect again (except for paint; the handyman would have painted it IF I could have found the correct ceiling paint. Since I couldn't, I told him we'd paint - SG wants to repaint the ceilings anyway.) While this was going on, I was doing the usual school-thing with Himself.

Herself....isn't taking this seriously. I was afraid of was test day in Science. The first test - 50. The re-test? 45. :bangs head: I told her to spend next week actually READING the chapter, and we'd test - for REAL - next Friday. :sigh: (You'd figure, after failing the first test, she'd remember enough to know what to study...but no, SHE didn't need to study. Right....) She's testing me, I know, to see what she can get away with. I have news for her - in schoolwork, NOTHING. This is the only time we're going to re-test....because come on - a 50???? She's smarter than that!

Anyway....we had hay delivered. It's bad, folks - right now should be just about time for the 2nd cutting. They haven't done a FIRST cutting yet, because of I got last year's hay. At $6/bale. Normally, 1st cutting is $4/bale - or less. This is bad....and it's going to get worse. (And - this is Sudan. Crap hay. Just for goats. We bought worse Crap Hay Thursday....*$8*/bale for "horse" hay. That my horses stared at in horror when I tossed them some this afternoon. Weeds. That's all it is.) Coastal is already at $9/bale......I forsee a LOT of ranchers dumping cattle soon, and a lot of horses being either starved or dumped cheaply. It's not gonna be pretty...

Of course, after the hay men left, we had to go out the pool. :grin: It's not officially opened yet - the water is perfectly balanced, it's just cloudy for some reason - but we had to hop in to get all the hay stems out (the guy had just backed past the pool; he paused to make sure his truck wasn't going to hit anything when a gust of wind came up. There was hay in an almost solid layer on top of the water. :lol:)

I made it to the Post Office finally (huzzah!) and ran to the meat market, so we're set for Monday. Steaks and/or brisket...mmmmmmmm. Can't wait!
Tags: country life

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