Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

There's something in the air....

because Herself has been in a MOOD all morning long. SG and I went out at 7 to milk; the chicks were out. He tried to put them up but couldn't catch them, so he told me to get Herself up when I took the milk up and get her to do it. OK.

I went in, went to her bedroom, and attempted to get her up. She told me "GET OUT", rolled over, and pulled the blankets over her head. All righty, then - what would you have assumed?

I went back to filter the milk, and Himself offered to go catch the chicks. Great! About 5 minutes later, she stomps out of her room, mutters "I WOULD HAVE DONE IT. HE needs to LEAVE my chickens alone!" and shoves past me. I said something about well, *I* didn't know when she'd get up, and I can't let them be cat fodder.....and she stated "I DON'T CARE IF THEY DIE."

She stomped out, yelled at her brother.....and I went out to inform SG of the attitude. :sigh: It's been nothing but excuses from her ever since - apparently I love Himself more than her, because I was polite when he asked me where to put stuff he was trying to clean. I....have no clue. She says nobody loves her, because her attitude towards SG caused her to lose her DS for a month (he's agreed - privately - to let her have it back on her birthday IF she keeps herself under control.). And yet, she doesn't get WHY everybody's on her case right now. (Seriously. I've only touched on the high points here.....she's been totally out of control this AM. And it's only 8:32. :sigh:)

She told us to LEAVE ME ALONE, so she gets to spend the rest of the day in her room. Alone. Her foot is apparently about to fall off, so no swimming (the chlorine might hurt it, after all. And, again - we have to leave her alone.)

I am SO. TIRED. of this. I know part of it is that she had no meds yet - I get that...but when do you ignore the mouthiness? The outright defiance? The total attitude?

AND THEN - Himself is in a helpful mode - which isn't helping. He's cleaning my disaster of a weaving room right now....which is making her even more resentful and attitude-y. I can't win......
Tags: kids

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