Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Hot, hot hot...

and it's only JUNE. This summer is gonna be horrible!

My darling husband bought me a Pro-Click comb binder last week....I've only used it to bind 1 book (for our weather unit), but I'm having fun trying to decide what all *needs* to be bound. The kids' science and history notebooks, for sure....our Music books, yeah.....and and and...:lol: He got the 5/8" spines with it - I need to get some 1" ones, because the notebooks are taking up a *lot* of room.

Work Got home - Herself had done her assignments (except for math - I help) and quickly finished school; Himself didn't. They were supposed to assemble the current notebooks in History and Science.....*I* did his Science one, and he's STILL working on History. He's still got to READ History, and do his math...and it's 3:00. :shakes head: He needs to work on discipline....

All the critters are OK; hot, but OK.

Oh! Herself BAKED A CAKE - BY HERSELF - Friday!!!!!!! Yes, it was a box - but still! It's yummy!! :lol:
Tags: homeschool, kids

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