Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Tuesday....

need to run to the Post Office - I have frozen milk samples that need to get to the LSU Mastitis Lab ASAP. I'm....OK. I'm not freaking out like I was last year; according to my notes, Rosa did the same thing. Lumpy udder (I believe the term I used was: "It feels like she's smuggling an iPod in her right udder!"), and a very high Porta-SCC test. (Also the same as last year.)

I *know* people sell their culls; what is a cull to *you* might be the perfect goat to *me*. I get that.....but I'm wondering if this is history repeating itself: what if Rosa had a train-wreck of a delivery *last* year, same udder issues, and that's why they sold her - without disclosing any of this. :sigh: (I'm guessing here - we don't KNOW what happened in last year's delivery. However...same udder issues. Makes me wonder...)

Last year she tested clean - NO mastitis. I'm hoping for the same results this year.....we'll see. At least the test is free....

I also have to return a book - I ordered Artistic Pursuits 1 from Seller A, and 2 from Seller B. I got Seller A's package first - but I didn't double-check *which* book I had ordered. When I got Seller B's was #2 AGAIN. I had to go back into Amazon and try and figure out what I'd done.....only I hadn't done it. Seller A had. I asked about exchange....and got the address. I have no clue if they'll send out #1 or not.....:sigh: We'll see. I try to trust people....
Tags: blather, goats

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